How To Backup & Store DJ Music [Live DJing Q&A with Phil Morse]

Last updated 9 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed using controller FX, how to backup and store DJ music, wireless DJing tech, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 7:55 Is it best to store DJ music on your laptop or hard drive?
  • 9:02 What’s a good way to back up my music and free up space?
  • 10:29 When swapping basslines during a mix, do you have any tips for adding more tension or release?
  • 16:37 Will Engine DJ give you the option of changing waveforms to RGB?
  • 17:33 My MacBook has a hard time broadcasting my livestreams, what should I do to fix it?
  • 18:12 How’s the latency with the wireless Dillinger SKAA transmitter when using it with a DJ controller?
  • 24:26 Can you DJ with videos on the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ?
  • 24:56 Is it okay to combine different DJ brands in your set-up?
  • 25:30 What’s the pros and cons of a Vestax controller?
  • 25:55 What subwoofer should I get for small outside parties?
  • 28:02 What’s the best way to manage playlists in DJ software?
  • 33:15 What DJ equipment should I get if I want to use filters, Daft Punk-style?
  • 34:41 How do you keep a dancefloor full over a 3 hour set?
  • 35:43 What does Serato DJ have over Virtual DJ?
  • 39:06 I’m recording a DJ mix using the Roland GO and Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7, which cable do I need?
  • 45:38 I only want to DJ with vinyl (no DJ software or computers), but I’d also like to play samples – is there a device I can use with turntables?
  • 49:57 Why would a bar manager get mad at a DJ for people dancing *too much*?
  • 51:55 I’m confused by the FX on my DJ controller, any advice?
  • 58:13 What’s a smooth way of increasing BPMs during a mix?

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