IK Multimedia Launches iRig Pro Quattro I/O Audio Interface & Mixer

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Last updated 18 May, 2022


IK Multimedia has just released the latest addition to its line-up of audio interfaces aimed at DJ/producers, mobile musicians and content creators, called the iRig Pro Quattro I/O.

As its name suggests, this is a 4-in (and 2-out) audio interface, that is designed to work with Windows, Mac, and – as it is class compliant and MFi-certified – iOS, iPadOS, Android and so on.

Here are some of its standout features:

  • Battery (4 x AA), USB or mains powered to work as a mixer as well as a 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface
  • Analogue output as well (for sending to a PA system, recording into cameras, for instance)
  • On-board microphone with optional external mic capsules – good for DJs wanting to capture crowd noises when recording sets
  • RCA and TRS as well as XLR inputs
  • Full Midi I/O, for use as part of a portable studio set-up
  • “Stereo mode”, mixing all sources down to stereo for livestreaming or recording
  • Ability to charge connected devices when under DC power, which would be useful for iPad DJs, for instance, or those recording to a phone
  • Built-in limiter – good to know for those over-enthusiastic DJ sets!
  • Dedicated headphone output for monitoring, with independent volume control and direct monitoring plus “loopback”
  • 4 mic pre-amps with phantom power
  • Bundled software including recording, mixing, FX and audio production apps

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The iRig Pro Quattro I/O is available now at $/€350 including USB-C and Lightning cables, batteries and a 1/4″ camera adaptor, and from the end of June in its “deluxe” form with 2 x iRig MIC XY stereo microphones, iRig MIC XY windscreen carrying case, and 9V power supply.

More info from the IK Multimedia website.





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