JBL Launches 3 Series MkII Studio Monitors For Home & Bedroom Studios

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 23 March, 2018


JBL just unveiled its new 3 Series MkII line of DJ/producer studio monitors ahead of NAMM 2018. It consists of three models: the 305P MkII that has a five-inch woofer, 306P MkII with a six-inch woofer, and the 308 MkII with an eight-inch woofer. All models feature JBL’s Image Control Waveguide speaker design that aims to give a wide monitoring “sweet spot”, plus they have Boundary EQ and HF Trim switches in the back that allow you to tailor the low and high frequency responses depending on your studio space.

As electronic music continues to be made in bedroom and home studios around the world, studio monitors continue to evolve alongside it. The Boundary EQ in the 3 Series MkII lets you “correct” the low end response of these monitors for when you’ve got them placed flush against a wall – this is also known as the boundary effect, where bass frequencies are exaggerated because of the placement of the speakers.

The HF Trim high-frequency switches mean that you can make the speakers brighter if you’ve got a dead-sounding room (ie a carpeted bedroom with curtains), or darker if you find them to be too harsh in your listening environment. Watch out for our review of these soon.

• The JBL 305P and 308P MkII studio monitors are now available, and the 306P MkII will be available from February 2018. Prices for all units forthcoming. Check the JBL site for more details.

What monitors do you use for producing music? What are your thoughts on these monitors? Share your thoughts below.

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