Mixcloud Now Archives Your Livestreams (Sort Of…)

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 10 February, 2022


You can now archive your livestreams on Mixcloud – at least, you can when it comes to the audio segment. The announcement was officially made today, although the feature has been part of the service for a week or so now.

When you finish a livestream on Mixcloud, it now automatically keeps an audio version, and the service informs you that your stream is saved and ready for you to publish. From here on in, it is similar to publishing an uploaded mix: You get to edit the info about your recording, and you can put it live whenever you are ready.

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This is a good new feature, although it falls short of archiving the whole performance (audio and video) which is what many DJs would prefer. However, it is another step in the right direction for Mixcloud, which has seen an explosion of interest since it launched the first fully legal livestreaming service for DJs, Mixcloud Live, a few months back.

• To livestream on Mixcloud, you need a paid-for pro account, which costs $15 a month. More info on the Mixcloud website.

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