Mixed In Key 10 Brings Rekordbox Support

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 2 July, 2021


Mixed In Key – the original DJ key detection software – has reached version 10, bringing with better than ever key detection, plus a much-requested feature: support for Rekordbox. This means it now plays nicely with all major DJ platforms.

Mixed In Key is an app that detects the key of your music collection, writing it to your files in a way your DJ software or system can read. It is not only key detection software: It has a pretty capable ID3 tag editor built in, and also will have a guess at the “energy level” of your tracks for you.

Should I get Mixed In Key?

While DJ software can all analyse for musical key nowadays, Mixed In Key is still the most accurate program for doing this, and has a lot of features not available in DJ software key detection to help the pro DJ do a better job of this vital task.

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It also has the advantage of being “platform independent” – if you sometimes DJ on two or three different Dj systems, with Mixed In Key, the key info in your tracks will always stay the same.

So while no longer essential, if you mix in key a lot, or use multiple Dj systems, you should definitely take a look at it.

Mixed In Key 10 is for Mac and Windows, and is available for $58 or $39 if upgrading. More info on the Mixed In Key website.

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