Mixstream Pro+ Standalone Controller Adds Serato & Amazon Music

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 30 January, 2023

Numark has announced the Mixstream Pro+, a second addition to its Mixstream family of controllers, which adds Serato compatibility and Amazon Music to the spec of the original.

Practically identical to the original Mixstream Pro (aesthetically and spec-wise), the Mixstream Pro+ includes an update internally to make it compatible not only with TIDAL, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource Streaming and Soundcloud Go+, but also Amazon Music, one of only three DJ controllers that can do this currently (the other two being the Denon DJ SC Live 4 and SC Live 2).

The unit is practically identical to the original Mixstream Pro, but the additions of Serato compatibility and Amazon Music make it more flexible than before.

Meanwhile, the new unit also adds compatibility with Serato DJ software, to offer a laptop-powered alternative to the unit’s built-in Engine DJ platform, which is for standalone DJing. Note that owners of the original Mixstream Pro also get Serato compatibility as of today.

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The two-channel Mixstream Pro+ has built-in speakers, built-in control of both home smart lights and pro DJ lighting, WiFI access to streaming services, and continues compatibility with Virtual DJ laptop software, all the same as the original Mixstream Pro – but the addition of Amazon Music and Serato makes it an even more flexible DJ solution.

Note that while Serato DJ Lite is supported for free, both Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ require a paid licence to use.

• Price is $699 and Numark tells us the unit is available immediately – More info on the Numark website.

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