NAMM: Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 Motorized Serato Controller

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 14 April, 2023


Hercules, the beginner-focused DJ controller manufacturer, has today announced the Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7, the world’s cheapest motorised-platter DJ controller.

Launched at NAMM 2023, the Serato DJ-enabled controller will cost just $700, bringing motorised platter DJing to a whole new audience.

The motorised platters feature slipmats and “real” vinyl, for an authentic turntable feel when DJing.

We got a sneak preview of the unit way back at ADE in the autumn, and were impressed with the build and especially the feel of the belt-drive platters, which don’t to me feel any different to the more expensive, direct drive platters on other such controllers. They are of a similar look to those used on the Rane One (ie with slipmats and “real” vinyl).

What’s different with the T7

What’s new here though is that such platters have been added to what is essentially a consumer DJ controller, bringing the price down to a level more hobbyists will be able to justify – and bringing some of the teaching features Hercules specialises in to such a controller too, such as beatmixing aids.

Here are a few other points to note:

  • It’s for Serato, but is only supplied with Serato DJ Lite – To use with Serato DJ Pro/Suite (always recommended), you’ll pay a sub or extra purchase fee
  • It also works with Hercules’ own supplied DJUCED software
  • It has a scratch-friendly two-channel mixer layout with FX paddles
  • It’s really very lightweight for a motorised unit, at 5kg, due to those lightweight belt-drive decks mainly
  • It has XLR and RCA outputs and a mic input, but no Aux
  • It offers control over Serato Stems

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The mixer is two-channel, and has paddles for the FX, like scratch mixers have.

Availability & more info

Dealers will take pre-orders from 21 June, with availability from 31 July. Pricing is $700/€700/£650.

• We’ve got a full review coming soon – meanwhile more info can be found on the Hercules website.

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