Numark Mixstream Pro Is A Full Standalone DJ System For Under $600

Last updated 17 July, 2022


Numark has announced the Mixstream Pro, a new standalone DJ system operating on the Engine DJ platform. This is the first DJ console outside of Denon DJ’s product range to use Engine DJ, bringing the innovative operating system into the consumer price bracket for the first time, with the unit retailing for just £499/€599/$599.

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No laptop or speakers required

Like the much more expensive Denon DJ Prime units, the Numark Mixstream Pro has built-in WiFi, enabling DJs to access millions of tracks on streaming services like TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource, right out of the box. This removes the need for new DJs to build an offline music library in order to DJ. That also means that with the Mixstream Pro, new DJs no longer need to use a laptop to either prepare music or to DJ from.

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That said, the Mixstream Pro also works in conjunction with Engine DJ 2.0 Desktop software for DJs who wish to prep their music for USB or SD cards, and it has two USB slots and one SD card slot built-in for adding devices to.

Mixstream Pro
Behind the grills at the front, the unit has four built-in speakers, two of which are angled up towards the DJing position.

As the Mixstream Pro also has built-in stereo speakers, getting started DJing with this unit is simpler than with any hardware DJ system to date, bar none. Indeed, as all the streaming services offer free trials, all a new DJ initially needs is the Mixstream Pro itself and an internet connection to begin their DJing journey.

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Pro features as standard

Because the Mixstream Pro runs Engine DJ, it comes with all the pro features of that software. For instance, it is Ableton Link-enabled for syncing with external software and devices such as drum machines, sequencers and so on, and it has lighting control built in, allowing DJs to hook up to Philips Hue lighting in their homes, or – via a separate subscription to the SoundSwitch lighting protocol – to pro DMX lights.

Numark Mixstream Pro
The Mixstream Pro doesn’t need a laptop to work, with a built-in 7″ touchscreen. It even has speakers – and with WiFi streaming from services like TIDAL, you can truly DJ with this “out of the box”.

All the necessary controls

And while it’s clearly a consumer device when set against the much more expensive Denon DJ units that also run Engine DJ OS, it is decently built, and the 7″ touchscreen is class-leading. It has 6″ jogwheels, three-band EQ, filters on each of its two channels, basic effects, performance pads (there are only four, but they are layered to give eight for each deck), and even balanced XLR outputs – a surprise at this price point.

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With a microphone input and dual headphones outputs, the Mixstream Pro has all the new DJ needs, and plenty to keep more experienced DJs engaged too.

Want to see every feature demoed?

We’ve made a free 90-minute video manual/training tutorial that exhaustively demoes and explains every single feature of this unit. Definitely worth watching if you’re waiting for one to be delivered and want to get up to speed, or thinking of ordering one and want to learn every feature ahead of time, or – if you’re reading this down the line – if you have one but are struggling to understand some of its features.

First Analysis

Clearly from the name of the unit, Numark is pushing hard on the “stream first, build a music collection later” angle with the Mixstream Pro, suggesting that DJs first experiment with music streaming services, then potentially put their own music collections into Dropbox and stream them from there (something else the unit is capable of), and only thirdly pointing out that DJs can put music onto a USB drive and DJ from that, too.

Mixstream Pro music streaming
With four built-in music streaming services, plus support from streaming a DJ’s own music on Dropbox, the Mixstream Pro is definitely “cloud enabled”.

However, just as with other Engine DJ-enabled equipment such as the Denon DJ Prime 2, Denon DJ Prime 4 and so on, this third method is probably going to be how most people use the Mixstream Pro (80% of DJs still own an offline music collection, according to our research). Also, currently the full power of the Numark Mixstream is in our view best tapped into by analysing an offline music library on a laptop with Engine DJ Desktop, and exporting it to a USB drive.

Learn what we think of this unit

We’ve made a full review of the Mixstream Pro, talking abot who it’s aimed at, how well it works, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and ultimately, helping you to decide whether it’s right for you. Click above to watch the video version, or click through to our Numark Mixstream Pro review to read the written version.

That said, what we think is also true is that for future generations of DJs, streaming everything is going to be the norm, and the idea of carrying around your own music will be something rather quaint. We’re not there yet, but the Mixstream Pro is a big step towards that reality, both in the way it introduces WiFi music streaming to the “masses” for the first time, and in the way Numark is aggressively pitching the newer ways of DJing.

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It’ll be fascinating to watch how well the unit is received, and how it moves the needle regarding DJing from local music library vs streaming from the cloud.

• The Mixstream Pro is available imminently from all usual retailers, priced at £499/€599/$599. More info from the Numark website.

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