Your Questions: Is It Time to Give Up DJing?

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Last updated 10 April, 2018

Bored DJ
Is your phone more fun than your crowd? Gigs more tedious than your day job? Maybe you need a change of scene… or a total rethink of DJing as a hobby, period.

Digital DJ Tips forum member Xavier D writes: “I’ve been DJing seriously for something like a year. And now I feel like I don’t really want to do this any more. I never thought about this until last month during a private party. I suddenly asked myself ‘do I enjoy what I’m doing?’ while watching people dancing and drinking. One week ago I was mixing for a friend and, everything went perfectly but I still I felt that this is not what I want to do any more.

“I’ve also always been interested in music making, and I’ve been producing music for a few years. Never thought about stopping it, I still love making music. But I have to admit that when it comes to DJing I don’t really see myself mixing in one year. Did you ever felt like this? I guess it’s too soon to know if I can sell my equipment because I might feel like I want to DJ later on…”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Sounds like you still have the passion for (making) music, just lost the vibe to make people party. I’d say focus on your producing for a while to keep the passion awake and happening. Perhaps in the meanwhile you can do some soul searching as to what it is that keeps you from being fulfilled as a DJ.

Is it the kind of parties/gigs you are playing? Is it the effort versus the money? Is it the kind of music you (have to) play? The kind of venues?

And even if you decide that producing is more your way of living out your passion for music, then that is fine too. Nobody ever claimed DJing has to be your thing. And you should only do it if it brings you pleasure and energy as well. Good luck!

Have you ever had times whehn you lost the passion for DJing? How did oyu get it back? Any advice you can offer to Xavier? Please let us know in the comments.

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