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American Audio VMS5 Controller Review

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 26 October, 2021

The Lowdown

The American Audio VMS5 is a comprehensive all in one Midi controller for mobile and wedding DJs looking to control software and music from their computer. It has four-channel control, DVS compatibility, two mic inputs and much improved audio from its predecessor. It works as a standalone four-channel analogue mixer too, and the crossfader is replaceable. It’s compatible with Virtual DJ 8, and is bundled with Virtual DJ LE. Will appeal to mobile and wedding DJs.

First Impressions / Setting up

The American Audio VMS5 is a full-featured all-in-one controller that is an upgrade from VMS4.1 and is natively mapped for Virtual DJ 8. As a mixer, it has four MIDILOG input channels and two XLR 1/4” combo inputs for microphones, all of which have their individual gain and three-band EQ knobs. As a Midi controller for Virtual DJ, it has the standard buttons and features for triggering Loops, Hot Cues, Samplers, and FX.

In Use

Out of the box, the VMS5 is a solid, all-metal device with rubber corner bumpers for extra protection. It features multicolour buttons and even the pointers on the rotary knobs have light and are color-coded which users appreciate especially when in low light DJ booths.

User reviews say that the sound on the VMS5 has noticeably improved from the VMS4.1. The USB connection is fast and it is very hard to detect latency if any.

The control buttons on the VMS5 is tightly integrated with VIrtual DJ and what’s more, every single button, knob, and fader in the VMS5 is MIDI mappable. That means a high level of versatility for its use. DJs using only two decks can map the rest of the controls of the remaining two channels for anything else they want such as for DMX or mixing Virtual DJ Video. Even if the VMS5 has a pair of great jogwheels, some DJs still prefer to hook up their CDJs or Vinyls to it and it works just as good as your standalone mixers.

Performance wise, the VMS5 is reliable and won’t let you down during your sets. Users recommend hooking up your controller via the power supply, relying on the USB-power, although possible, will drain your computer’s battery.


It’s tough to find other DJ controllers with as many features for the price as the VMS5. Our only minor gripe is that it crams a ton of controls on the face of the unit, which can be confusing for new DJs. However, if you’re a more experienced wedding, mobile or karaoke DJ who needs a variety of inputs and DVS control, the VMS5 should be on your shortlist.

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