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UDG Gear Creator Hardcase Review

Steve Canueto
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 8 August, 2023

The Lowdown

Coming in a variety of sizes (the one we’re reviewing here is for the Denon DJ Prime Go and the Akai MPC Live II), the UDG Gear Creator Hardcase range offers high quality, affordable, no-nonsense protection for your DJ and production gear. If you want this style of case, we firmly recommend them.

Video Review

First Impressions / Setting up

Firstly, you need to get the right one! This one works with the Denon DJ Prime Go and the Akai Pro MPC Live II, but there’s a chooser on the UDG Gear site so you can select the right case for you.

It is a “no nonsense” design, with no extra pockets, sections and so on. Instead, it is designed to simply carry a single piece of gear. This type of case is a mix of “hard” (the case contains rigid plastic), and lightweight, so it not only protects, but is very easy to transport.

We checked out the case designed for the Denon DJ Prime Go (left) and Akai Pro MPC Live II (right). For your set-up, use the “bag finder” on UDG’s site to make sure you get the right size!

The zips, finish and attachments (you get a strap with a padded section for shoulder carrying, as well as handles that can be joined together for carrying it in one hand) are all top notch as you’d expect from a company as established as UDG Gear.

In Use

There’s not too much you can say about a bag in use, other than to confirm it is protective and sturdy. That said, it was comfortable to carry, both over the shoulder and by hand. It’s firm enough that zipped up, you can even use it to raise the height of your gear a little when performing.

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We worried it wouldn’t work with our Decksaver acrylic top cover for the Prime Go, but we needn’t have. While there’s lot of foam protection for underneath the controller, and an eggbox style foam layer on the lid of the bag, the Decksaver fitted fine, too.

Though there isn’t room for much else, the case managed our Denon DJ Prime Go, Decksaver cover, power supply and a couple audio cables.

We also wondered if you can in fact fit anything else in the bag. As we say, it is designed solely to hold a single piece of gear, but that said, there is a bit of extra space for your leads and so on – but it’s not an “all in one” for all your DJ kit, just a bag for this particular item. I squeezed in the power supply and a couple of audio cables too.


The kind of case or bag you go for with your DJ gear is a personal choice. If you’re going down the route of putting your main piece of gear in its own bag (and therefore having a separate bag for anything else you want to carry) one of the range of UDG Creator hard cases could be just the thing.

They’re well made, well priced and do the job inconspicuously, and we are happy to recommend them.

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