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Xtendamix Video Pool Review

Joey Santos
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 22 May, 2023


The Lowdown

Xtendamix is a video download pool for VJs and DJs. It’s one of the priciest options but you’re paying for a library that’s well-stocked and frequently updated as far as top 40 and chart music go, plus you can request videos to appear on the library too. The only downside is that its HD files are only up to 720p at the moment (full HD is 1080p). Still, one of the best video services for jocks who specialise in spinning music videos at their shows. Recommended.

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Video Review

First Impressions / Setting up

Xtendamix is a music video pool that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis from US$35. Three, six and 12-month subscriptions are also available. It comes with a set amount of credits which are replenished after 30-days, which is when you’ve got to pony up for the subscription cost again if you want to stay on the service. You can top up if you finish all of your monthly credits too. All videos that you download are yours to keep whether or not you remain a subscriber.

The service can be used anywhere in the world, so you aren’t region or geo-locked, which is great for travelling DJs.

Each video deducts one credit from your account. If you download different versions of the same song (more on that later), that still counts as just a single credit deduction. Credits that you don’t get to finish are rolled over onto the next month, so you don’t have to worry about losing unused credits.

In Use


The best thing about Xtendamix is that it has a sprawling library of music videos for tunes from as far back as the 1950s to today. This makes it a versatile service capable of filling video libraries for both club / bar DJs who need the latest hits, as well as mobile and wedding jocks who need to play a much larger selection of music that includes throwbacks and classic favourites.

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You can easily search for videos according to categories including genre, year, artist and tempo. There are also charts that list the most downloaded videos from either the past week or past month, as well as the top video downloads of all time.

Multiple versions

Another plus is that a song can have multiple versions, just like in a music download pool: You can pick from Clean Single, Clean Extended, Dirty Single, Dirty Extended, and Remix Service. The Single and Extended versions give you both Clean and Dirty edits, and the Remix Service is a mashup, megamix or remix of the song. Not all songs in the Xtendamix library have all of these versions available though.


If you don’t see a particular song in Xtendamix’s library, you can send a request ticket. If approved, the Xtendamix team then contacts the artist’s label for the official music video. If the label agrees and sends the video to Xtendamix, the team then creates the necessary edits (eg Clean Single, Clean Extended, Remix Service) and puts it live on the site.

Not all requests are granted though, and labels can choose not to furnish their videos, so video requests aren’t guaranteed to be granted.

SD and HD downloads

You can choose to download videos in either SD (480p) or HD (720p) resolution. Currently there is no option for 1080p video downloads, so VJs and DJs who spin with full HD (1080p) or even 4K videos may find this lacking.


If you’re a gigging VJ or DJ who spins with music videos, Xtendamix is a great source for both old and new material. The multiple versions of each song, particularly the Extended mixes, give you DJ-friendly edits that have intros and outros for easier / cleaner mixing, and the exclusive Remix Service versions are also cool, if a little leftfield (I was able to download a manic Spice Girls megamix which I’ve been playing even in my non-video gigs, go figure).

All in all, a fantastic video service that any serious video jock will want to invest in. Highly recommended.

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