My hope is that this book has given you the confidence to go out and play the music you love in public on your journey to becoming a great DJ. I hope it has given you enough knowledge to choose a DJ set-up that’s right for you, offered enough guidance to help you craft a truly special music collection, and shown you all the techniques you need to start playing out. I believe that it’s in public where DJing is learned, and that too many DJs give up before they get the rush of playing a gig in front of a real crowd.

If you take one thing from this book, let it be this: your only job as a beginner or bedroom DJ is to play out. Once you have done so, you’ve crossed the threshold and are ready to take your DJing in any direction you want. Hopefully the information in the final two steps of the process has given you plenty of tactics and ideas for you to go ahead and do just that.

I want to end by stating that DJing is a journey, not a destination, so always strive to be learning, whether it’s about new gear, music or techniques, or about how to perform better or promote yourself more effectively.

So whichever direction your DJing takes you in, on behalf of all of the team at Digital DJ Tips and myself, I wish you the very best of luck. Now get out there and rock the dancefloor!