Shazam Partners With Beatport

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Last updated 14 November, 2017


By partnering with Beatport, mobile music discovery tool Shazam just got far more useful for DJs.

Shazam’s great, isn’t it? Remember the first time you used it to tag a track you thought you’d never know the name of? Trouble is, it’s been kind of patchy for dance music… until now.

Because today Shazam – the service that can tell you the title and artist of a tune just by “listening” to it via your mobile device – announced its new partnership with the biggest DJ dance music store online, Beatport. This means two things for DJs: Firstly, all of Beatport’s catalogue is now on Shazam, and secondly, you can buy from Beatport from directly within Shazam’s apps.

“Adding the Beatport catalog to Shazam’s database is a great way for fans of dance music to discover songs that are being played by DJs all over the world,” said Matthew Adell, CEO of Beatport today. “Our partnership with Shazam also gives DJs and producers exposure to an enormous audience of potential new fans.”

Time to get onboard?

If you’re not using a track recognition service like Shazam already, this makes it a good opportunity to grab one for your smartphone and start snagging the names of tunes you’d otherwise miss. It’s become a vital part of my personal music discovery and I’d recommend you make it a part of yours too – especially as the Shazam apps are free nowadays.

Do you use a “tagging” app like Shazam or SoundCloud? What’s your top tip for grabbing the names of tunes you don’t know the title of? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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