Software Tip: 2 Simple Tricks To Keep Track Of Requests

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 9 September, 2018

We’ve already shown you one way to handle requests using your DJ software. This time I’ll share with you two tricks I’ve been using a lot lately to keep track of requests during a gig and keeping them within easy reach, plus it’s also a great way to remember what song requests you didn’t have so you can purchase or download them if you want to add those tracks to your collection.

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Taken together, these two tips guarantee you won’t forget any requests at a show anymore (regardless of whether you decide to play them or not), plus you can also fill in the gaps in your collection after the gig.

Any tips you’d like to share when it comes to keeping track of requests? What’s your policy when it comes to taking requests? Let us know below.

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