SoundCloud Now Lets You Distribute To Spotify & Apple Music For Free

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 September, 2020

SoundCloud just announced that it has integrated a music distribution service to its platform, letting SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Premier subscribers put their music on all major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and even Instagram. There is no added cost to send music to these services, plus SoundCloud says that users are able to keep 100% of the royalties from streams.

This is potentially big news for DJ/producers who are heavily invested in and have built an audience on SoundCloud, and who happen to be Pro or Premier subscribers. Both subscription plans are not cheap (SoundCloud Pro costs US$74/year, and Premier costs US$144/year) and they are not available in all countries just yet, so at the moment this new distribution tool can only be used by a portion of SoundCloud’s user base.

LANDR has a similar offering, letting users distribute a track to both streaming and online stores for as little as US$1/track. Aggregators like Tunecore, CD Baby and Distrokid remain popular methods to upload tracks to these services and to monetise plays, but that could very well change if “one stop shop” solutions like LANDR and SoundCloud pick up steam. That means it’ll be easier than ever for you and me to get our productions up on these streaming sites at little cost.

Check out the promo video below.

Promo Video

• SoundCloud distribution is now in beta for Pro and Premier users. Check the SoundCloud site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this new development from SoundCloud? Useful, or something you can live without? Let us know below.

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