Spin With DVS? This Trick Lets You Make An Extended Timecode File For Your USB

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Last updated 30 April, 2019


In a previous DVS article, we discussed the benefits of using a USB flash drive instead of using timecode CDs. This time we will go over making that timecode flash drive even more convenient using some basic digital audio workstation editing that can make the timecode almost endless.

Why make an extended timecode file?

An extended timecode file removes the need to restart the timecode track on a USB every 15 minutes, or having to remember to loop the timecode on the CDJ / XDJ. It can remove the worry of the timecode running out on the media player you are using allowing you to focus on more important things like song selection and reading the crowd. It only takes a few minutes to create an endless timecode file and won’t cost you anything extra.

How to create an extended timecode file

The process of creating the extended timecode file is very straightforward: You do it by downloading the timecode file for the DJ app you’re using (eg Traktor, Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ) and then importing it into an audio track in an editor or DAW like Audacity. Call this audio track “Old Timecode”. You then create a second audio track (call it “New Timecode”), and then you copy and paste the first two minutes of the timecode audio there.

You then copy the next two minutes of the timecode audio and paste it on the New Timecode track, and you duplicate this until you reach your desired length – around 120 minutes would be enough for a two-hour set. You then copy and paste the last two minutes of the timecode audio over onto the New Timecode track. This “closes” the timecode file. You then mute the Old Timecode track, and then export the New Timecode track as either WAV or MP3 which you then load onto a USB thumb drive.

Watch this on Youtube.

Do you spin with DVS and CDJs, or have you moved on to HID? What do you think of this tip? Let us know in the comments.

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