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    T. Simpson

    I must apologise in advance if this question had been asked before, if anyone takes offence or this site offers them.

    I’m from the days where if you wanted to learn how to be a half decent DJ you got yourself some turntables, went to the record shop, spent all your pennies buying vinyl and practised in your bedroom till someone turned off the electric. Then when you was confident enough, you would go out there and convince someone to let you loose on the decks and hope you don’t empty the venue after the first track.

    I will admit I have never really taken the time to look at a DJ course but I thought the best way to learn is through trial and error. Am I being old fashioned here or would you say there is a genuine benefit from doing a course?

    Alex Moschopoulos

    There’s benefit now. Back in those “old days” there were no courses, no internet, and not as much competition. Even how the world looks at DJs has changed.

    Better to take advantage of the resources out there now…since many of us had no such luxuries.

    DJ Vintage

    Courses are a shortcut to getting where you wanna be. They don’t stop you from having to practice til your fingers bleed, but they will give you enough of a head start to be practicing the right things, rather than first finding out what the right things are, which (being an old vinyl hand myself I know from close experience) makes for many lost hours of practice.

    A relatively cheap course like the How To Digital DJ Fast can be finished in 6 weeks (at a realistic pace) and will give you a great foundation to start practicing and building experience on.

    Invaluable from a time or money point of view.

    Good luck.


    Vintage nails it.
    Courses are shortcuts. Depending on course quality (of course ours are the best hehe) you give money in order to save time developing things on your own and having things shown to you by professionals (at least in our case).
    Now this time saving can go from a few months saved time (how to digital dj fast course) to literally years (scratch course) of saved time.
    Now if you value your time saved versus the time spend making money, all the courses are winners.

    The downside is always: Even the best course is worthless if you do not put the necessary time into practice yourself. That is time you cannot save, even by the best course in the world.

    Phil Morse

    Can I just add that it’s great if you can find a mentor (that’s what I had), because having someone who is where you want to be and having them teach you how to get there is awesome. But just bear in mind that their way may not be the only way, and of course not everyone can find such a person. Using a course to get something similar has always made sense to me especially for those who can’t find a suitable mentor.

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