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    Dean F

    Got a setup at home purely for a hobby but looking to upgrade as there a bit dated . Got 2 cdj1000 mk3’s with a djm600 . Was lookin into getting a controller for the functions and creativity instead of cdjs and mixer setup and using it with serato / rekordbox on my laptop . Anyone got a controller and worth getting one over Cdjs ? Was looking at either sx2 or ddj rx


    I have an SX, but in the process of switching over to MCX8000 (I can’t use my old software, so there is a bit of a migration issue still). The SX(2) is nice as is the RX. The latter one obviously is RekordBox “locked”, where the SX2 gives you the option of using just about any other DJ software. So if you are not sure if RekordBox is THE software for you (as in most closely supporting your -intended- workflow), the SX2 will give you more flexibility. The MCX8000 is great controller, adds screens and a (backup) option of DJ-ing without laptop. We are waiting for the new software for it, in which case the stand-alone (no laptop) option will become good enough to use that full time to.

    You WILL see massive increase of options over a CDJ set-up imho.


    Dean F

    Thanks for reply ! Yeah that’s exactly what I’m looking for more options to be more creative while playing rather than just mixing songs in to each other . Controller seems the best way go about this . My laptop is not the greatest ( pretty slow ) will this affect using rekordbox / serato with the controller in any way?


    It will primarily impact the use of FX as this asks for processing power and memory.


    Isaiah Furrow

    you may have higher CPU load on an older PC with Serato, but you can adjust things like latency to help with that… I wasn’t running the lowest latency on my i3 Dell for this reason… also make sure you close out other functions and applications that are not necessary while running your DJ program… best of luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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