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    Phil Morse

    What one piece of advice do you wish somebody had given you before your first ever DJ gig?

    Hee Won Jung

    make sure you pee before your set

    Rob Francis

    Take different kinds of music – upbeat / downtempo / etc

    On my first gig I was told to play chill out. When I got there everybody was “on it” and really up for dancing, not chilling! Luckily I had a handful of upbeat tunes and managed to scrape through – went really well for a first gig.

    (and it was on vinyl!)


    Few hear small mistakes so don’t worry.

    Prude leRude

    Yeah I agree with Kent, just remember that even if every single one of your mixes is a little out, if your tune selection is good then no one apart from other DJs in the room will really care. Also make sure you don’t let one bad mix get to you, put it behind you straight away.


    Be yourself, have fun.

    Hee Won Jung

    Now i know this may not sound like good advice…but do whatever you have to before your set to not be nervous…if its a puff of the funny stuff or having a beer or 2 before your set then do it….just dont get wrecked lol.

    I still to this day get nervous DJing…so i usually have a shot of jager and drink 2 beers, then im in my groove and im a lot more relaxed. A

    DJ Menno

    The best advice I was given when I started was : “You are the DJ”. Means nothing and everything to me 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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