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    Hello DJs,

    I am looking out for instrumental versions of songs, for my mashups. Please do let me know the sources of the same.
    I also bumped into an article which mentioned that there are softwares to remove the acapella’s of any song and leave only the instruments, if that is true please do let me know that as well.

    Many thanks in Advance,



    Regarding your second question, it is only partially true.

    The way that the programs that remove vocals work is by a phase inversion trick between the stereo images of your audio, because typically vocals are mixed completely center – and when that is the case, it works well (but not perfectly, you will usually have some minor residual hints of the vocals in your track). However, it is not uncommon in more modern music to have effects on the vocals that remove them from the center of your audio image, so your mileage may vary. The good news is, one of the packages that does this is the Free & Open Source Audacity – you can read their page on how to use it to remove vocals.

    There are other ways to remove vocals that can often remove vocals even if they are not center, but they involve a lot more work, and depending on the density of the frequency spectrum, may still not be able to do it. The one that comes to mind immediately is “Melodyne” from Celemony, which is a VERY awesome piece of producer kit, but is also a bit on the expensive side and is a complicated tool rather than an automated program… and it also does a whole lot more than just remove vocals.

    Hope this helps!



    Promo Only DJ pool websites, sometimes under their RNB/hip-hop stuff have the instrumental version also, you might want to check that out


    El Keter ben Tzadik

    In a pre-digital world the answer was simple…buy the single.

    If you purchased a 12” single it was extremely likely you’d get the song, the instrumental, and maybe even the acapella.

    These days the single as we once knew it doesn’t exactly exist.

    Even the record pools seem to be less than satisfactory when it comes to multiple versions of tunes.

    Your only reliable source these days is digital promo singles which may or may not contain extras like instrumentals and acapellas.



    I’ve been focusing quite a bit on this general problem domain, and have a picked up a few things that might be useful – though my interest is in isolating the vocals, not removing them – but a lot of what I’ve found is probably still interesting and helpful here.

    First, here is a free open source package that works in a way that is similar to Melodyne, although it has a very different workflow and only focuses on isolating frequency bands – that is what Melodyne does, but it has a lot more complicated stuff involved that makes the process more powerful… but free is a very good price.


    I also found this really great pair of videos from DJ Vespers that covers how to do pretty effective vocal isolation in Ableton Live – this is pretty powerful. Imperfect, as all mixed audio separation tends to be, but with enough work, you can really achieve some great stuff.

    How to make acapellas in Ableton Live HD tutorial pt 1: mid side EQ Eight

    Once you have isolated the vocal track, you can then use phase inversion to remove it from the mix and arrive at your instrumental.

    Research in this field is pretty impressive, I linked an article elsewhere on this forum that related to this, and have been reading a lot of other academic papers on the subject. I am not sure whether I can fit developing my own tool into my free time, but it is something that I’d really like to do because the solutions I am seeing from the academic world seem to be quite a lot further along than what is currently available commercially. It is theoretically possible, without guidance, to isolate each instrument into its own channel, which is very exciting stuff.


    Phil Morse

    Thanks Deathy for your contribution – we’ll post excerpts of this on the main site at the weekend.



    Right on. I’ve actually found a technique that works very well in certain cases that I haven’t seen anyone else talking about, so I’m going to make a video of it, I’ll post a link here in the forums when I’m done, of coz.

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