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    Rory Fackrell

    Hey all,

    I previously had an S8 connected to my pc, in turn connected to my tv/home theatre, the only connection i had was with a single usb cable, from the s8 to the pc and had perfect sound.

    Just tried the same configuration with my NS7III and have no sound… any ideas?

    LED’s are lighting up on the controller, and on Serato, both the decks and master. Is there any reason why the same configuration wouldn’t work with this controller?



    It will use different drivers?

    I’m not a Serato person but do you need to select the audio output device in settings…?


    DJ Vintage

    You would. Standard the configuration is set to use the sound card in the controller (best option by far, compared to the built-in sound card in laptops). So you will have sound at the master outputs of your controller. Either you run them into your home stereo (aux/line input), or you need to tell Serato where to send the master output. I am not completely sure you can set it so it sends the cue signal to the controller and the master to the laptop sound card.

    In any case you will need to “aggregate” the sound cards so you even have the option. This can be done by the standard aggregate audio option on a Mac or by using Asio4All drivers on a windows system. On the latter, this can be a tricky proposition.

    My personal opinion is to run an RCA to RCA cable from the master output to your home stereo. Change the input and be done with it.

    Rory Fackrell

    thanks guys

    Serato also advised the same thing, so i’m running it through the aux channel on the home cinema – the missus was chuffed, she had visions of of another massive spend on speakers etc lol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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