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    I mostly mix Tech House / Techno and Minimal sometimes, i understand the principle of phrase mixing with 4 beats in a bar and 4 bars in a phrase for some genres. But is techno usually 4, 8, 16 bars in a phrase, i know all tracks are different but the problem i have is when to know when the phrase will come to drop my next track in as i have a lot of songs which will have different phrase lengths, so they wouldn’t sound right. Am i right in thinking after i hear a change, for example instrument in/out, i count 4 or 8 bars to the phrase then drop?


    Unless you know your tracks well enough (which is recommended), you can use cue points to indicate the start of phrases where you could mix in/out. A second cue point could then be used to show the end of the phrase for example.

    Most dance music will be on an 8-bar phrase. And you are right in thinking that at the beginning of a new phrase “something” happens.

    Again, preparation is the key as well as familiarizing yourself with your collection.


    unfortunately i have CDJ800s so i can’t set hot cue’s but ill keep it in mind for if i upgrade, thanks a lot this helped


    I am not a pro, but I can share what I’m doing.
    First, I use Traktor so I can see the phrases.
    It is really helpful.
    AFAIK, techno, tech-house are usually 32 beats phrases (8 bars).
    To your question, yes, usually a phrase ends or starts with a drum fill, crash or similar.
    So even if you’re not really sure, listen to the change and start counting. You’ll see that after 8 bars you will hear another change.

    I use loops of 8 bars a lot. I start the loop in the 2nd deck when the phrase starts in the 1st deck (even w/o volume at all).
    Then I can start mixing, being sure I’m in the phrase.

    I came upon a good tutorial about it.
    It’s good if you use Traktor, which I understand you don’t.

    Hope it helped a bit.

    Daniel Moran

    Goli I do this all the time with Traktor, the loop and beatjump features have become indispensable to me.

    Something I found out yesterday, is that you can start a loop after the fact by just tapping the ‘close’ loop button? Blew my mind and is a minor game changer for me, can’t tell you how many times I kicked off a track only to wish I had looped from where I hit the play button


    Hey Daniel,
    Do you mean loop out?
    Yeah. I haven’t played with that yet.
    Will do that once I get used to the beat view (I switched to it only today)

    Peter Lindqvist

    Learn the trade on your 800’s. It will make everything very simple later, whichever new gear you choose. When I used CD’s. I wrote down all the info under the track name. Ins, outs, drops, breaks, endings etc. In most house productions, those bars, translates in to time when you use CD.

    In the tempo around 125 BPM, it’s like 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec. If there’s a 30 sec intro, it’s a good chance the track is divided into parts of 30 sec’s. After playing around for a while you’ll recognize this, and knowing a break/drop coming a at certain time, just match you intro against that time. Using time instead of bars means you don’t have to count… 🙂 .

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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