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    Sy Swint

    Hi. I want to learn how to produce but I’m not sure which DAW to buy?
    I’m leaning towards Ableton but it is twice the price of some other , seemingly professional, DAW’s like Logic Pro.
    Is Ableton 9 worth the higher price tag?

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    You can try for free for 30 days, combined with the free video course that started today. I’d say check it out!


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    Sy Swint, Coud you share your thoughts about Ableton, if you are still here?
    I am asking because I decided to choose Bitwig: mainly because of price, partly because Bitwig developers used to work for Ableton.

    I find the workflow comfort and stability similar but there is a ton more of Ableton dedicated materials so Bitwig requires much more trials and errors to work for you, not against you 🙂

    EDIT: sorry for digging up the topic, but after almost 2 months I’m pretty sure that the author was able to test the trial as I did and I hope that we could share our thoughts which could help further people…

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