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    Callum Taylor

    Hello everybody. Towards the end of this year I will be one of three student Djs for a school dance of about 300 people. I have played out a few times but nothing as big as this. The age range will be between 14-18 years old. I plan on playing mostly future house and possibly some bounce. I wonder if you could give me any tips on playing this gig and some dos and don’ts. Thanks very much.


    A big trap is to think that everybody is there for “your” kind of music. Seeing how it’s a school dance, you’ll probably have all kinds and your DJ-ing should reflect that. So make sure you have mainstream stuff and “recognizable” tunes. Remember you are there to amuse and move the audience, they are not there to see you dazzle them with a mainly one-genre set. As a whole I’d treat this as a mobile gig. Advantage is that you are probably in/close to your audience in age and such. So even if you like particular music more than others, you should have awareness of what is hot and what is not in the broadest spectrum for this target group.

    Just my 3 cents as usual …

    Max Maxy

    As you are one of three DJ’s you probably won’t get more than two hours for your set so make sure you play some bangers straight up and go high energy all set. The biggest mistake is to play more chilled music you would listen to at home, you need to play music for people to dance to. Future house and bounce is probably enough without playing any other genres. As DJ Vintage said :”make sure you have mainstream stuff and “recognizable” tunes”. Obscure tracks you like to listen to at home in the future house and bounce genre’s shouldn’t make the cut, go for popular tunes that you still think are cool and have a danceable beat and/or sing along choruses. Don’t play tunes you hate by any means but go for crowd pleasers. Take about twice the amount of music you will need for two hours so you have some options but don’t get overwhelmed with too much and make sure your DJ software is set to show what songs you have already played. If the other DJ’s play a tune you had planned to use and the crowd love the track the other DJ plays then it’s OK to play a different version/remix an hour or so later.

    Callum Taylor

    Ok cool thanks for the help I really appreciate it 🙂

    Bob V

    Ask the school for a playlist.


    With all due respect, Bob V, that is a sure way of becoming a human jukebox, imho.

    You can ask for global things like yes or no for certain genres, or particular tracks that have school history, but I would never ask for a playlist. That would take away too much of the creative process of DJ-ing.

    Just my three cents as usual

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