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    Caleb Grayson

    i recently bought a Mixtour for DJay/Spotify to fill in the unpredictable request in my mobile/wedding DJ biz.

    i didn’t realize that a continuous internet connection was reuqired to download (stream) each track right every time you load oneinto a deck. in other words, you don’t just need to be connected, you need to be able to maintain a reliable streaming bandwidth the every/any time you load a track into a deck. eventhough Spotify will let you download any track, not other software using Spotify it seems will.

    Not I discover VDJ’s ContentUnlimited wth music provided by iDJPool.
    CU is only $10/mo while iDJPool is $50/mo.

    Had anyone had expeirece with the difference between CU and iDJPool?
    I’m think it may be worth it to run VDJ behind Tracker controlled by the Mixtour with CU to play those odd requests.

    Caleb Grayson

    what i really want is to be able to download Spotify tracks into Tracktor for off-line play for $10/mo.


    Just do not play any request and be done with it. Most of the time a very polite sorry I do not have that track, will help.

    And playing spotify songs at a gig is still illegal…

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    Caleb Grayson

    so last week i just did a 9.5hr DJ set. it was for an obstacle course fund raiser. they told me Rock, but when i got their they wanted hard metal. i didn’t have 4 hours of death metal. Spotify saved my bacon — which was totally fried after those 4 hours.
    i spent the last 5.5 hours playing ‘beer drinking music’ which included of every hard Led Zeppelin and AC/DC track.
    i only had 1.5bars reception on my phone, but Spotify app allowed me to download into cue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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