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    Got there really early (10ish?) and the DJ’s were still setting up. I asked if they would mind me just hanging out and watching them set up and they said no prob. Turns out these guys are pretty big here. These guys have residencies on Thursday and Saturday between two big clubs (and I think one of the guys actually owns one of the clubs). Just chatted with them about music, traveling, and what-not. Got their facebook information and one of the guys offered to get me in on Saturday for free on the guestlist. It’s going to be a 2008 throw back (hellooooo Electro) so it should be fun.

    My plan is to get there early on Saturday also (offer to help in whatever way possible like I did yesterday), and just keep getting to know these guys. They’re actually pretty cool peoples!

    Funniest part of the night? As i’m leaving the club and I realized I spent $20 I thought to myself “Dang! That was 8-10 tracks I could’ve bought!” hahah, oh how my music mentality has changed.

    Rob Francis

    Good way to start networking!


    Nice job…you get it.

    Networking can be about getting possible gigs or even just making contacts for other purposes. Suppose you decide to throw an event and need a good headliner to draw people…there you go. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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