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    Phil Morse

    Not many people know this but I broke my knee a few weeks back, crutches etc (it was done when running, not DJing…).

    I actually did do a DJ gig on it in a lot of pain before an X-ray, when I was told the bad news! No more gigs for me for a few weeks more.

    So what injury has stopped you from DJing? (Drunkenness is not an injury, just to be clear 😀 )

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    Yeah, the only thing that has kept me off the decks was an ingrown big toenail. Couldn’t stand on it or even be upright for any length of time. Lost a residency over it too…

    Sorry, it’s a bit gross, that’s the risk you take when you ask questions like this!

    Hope your knee gets better Phil.


    Broke my left arm once while climbing around in the woods. I did not know how much my DJing depends on the use of both arms…


    Never happened personally, however I did once see a guy get wheel chaired into the dj booth at our local after after hours 😛

    Can’t let anything hold you back I guess!

    Kwann B

    Mine wasn’t a physical one but mental. I couldn’t get my self to pull out my controller because I convinced my self that I wasn’t very good and shouldn’t bother. Today is the first day I’ve pulled it out in I don’t know how long, I’m determined to mix. I realized that creating and performing music is what makes me happy so I’m going to go and be happy!

    Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something, not even your self!

    DJ Vintage

    Hear hear brother!

    Phil Worrell

    Getting a head butt which pushed my glasses into my face and cut me open right across the top of one eye lid. Yucky I know.

    Was setting up for a gig with a so called friend. Appears that Friend owed a bunch of guys money and they thought they would collect by trying to steal the gear. It was in a pub basement with no one around. I got the kit back but knocked me back a long way.

    Morale of this is be careful who you do business with.

    DJ Vintage

    I ran into a metal staircase in a squash centre in Kuwait trying to get back to a game I left to go to the toilet. Ended up on the floor and needing 4 or 5 stitches in the hospital.

    The headache was splitting and the doc’s advice to skip one night. Luckily we had a live band that played twice a night for half an hour too. They agreed to do two extra sets. The rest of the night some of my mix tapes (actual tapes guys!) were used.

    Was back on the barricades the next day though.


    brian quigley

    My last two years have been rough.

    — For my birthday I got a middle ear infection that lead to a ruptured eardrum that lead to surgery – a mastoidectomy. Kept me off the decks for a while and tinnitus has cranked itself up a bit.

    — The following year almost to the day, was cross fit training and broke my leg. Just running backwards or doing crossovers, nothing worthy of youtube. Finished the training session in pain. Walked around on it for three weeks thinking it was just a flesh wound. Once I had the cast on I was sidelined for a few weeks. Standing and spinning is not fun when all you can do is pivot. I did make a few mixes before I knew it was broken, but there was still pain involved. I did get a cane that folded out into a portable seat.

    Moral of the story is that I should stick to spinning. I hope I don’t get anything for my birthday this year.


    sorry to hear that mate,

    not djing yet myself, but I got pneumonia last year just after getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and lost all drive to play any music for 4-5 months, found that very depressing, music is my favorite thing in life. all good now tho 🙂

    If its any consolation at least you can say you didn’t hurt your knee the way Jason Byrne managed too,
    he pooped too hard and his knee fell off!!…. lol, his words.

    hope you get better soon!

    brian quigley

    All better now, thanks. For my birthday this year I picked up a Dennon MC6000MK2 and there is no pain involved.

    Funny about the wisdom tooth thing. At my dentist they say you can bring music to listen to while they do their work. I would rather not associate the dentist with any tracks I want to hear, especially later if I have some Pavlovian after effect.



    good call, having flash backs to wisdom teeth removal when you listened to music you liked… sounds awful.

    thankfully, several were a breeze to remove, and the last was surgical so they knocked me out and I don’t remember any of it 🙂

    except the bleeding after… bleh.

    brian quigley

    At least they are gone now – no wisdom teeth worries anymore. I had mine removed when I was in the military. No gas, just a few – seven – shots of anesthetic. I could feel the dentist put his foot on the chair by my head to get enough leverage to pull them out.

    Then the chipmunk face for a few days after.


    I have epilepsy. I hit the floor of the DJ booth pretty hard one night and another DJ took over while I recovered on a couch in the little VIP area we had set up in our booth. I tried to finish the set while swallowing my own blood but after having a seizure you’re in what’s called a “post ictal state” and memory can be effected. I started playing a bunch of the same tunes because I couldn’t remember what I’d played out of my box and what I hadn’t. I gave up and handed the headphones over to the guy who filled in while I was out and went back to sleep on the couch. This was during my “no no, I’m fine, I don’t have epilepsy” period of denial/lies so I just let everyone think I had passed out from drinking too much. This wasn’t something the local d&b heads had a problem with, so that’s an obvious comment on how the company you keep can shape your behavior.

    harry parker

    I suffered from a broken headphone with inadequate replacement.

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