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    Allan Murray

    Having owned a few throughtout the years, I’m going to say that my favourite has to be the RCF ART 710A…

    I previously owned a pair of DB Technologies Cromo 12 Club’s which were decent speakers for the price, i paid like 418 pounds for the pair which was a steal.

    But last year I replaced them with the ART 710’s, and sound quality wise, there’s no comparison, the 710’s are twice as loud and actually have more low end despite being only a 10″ Cabinet, both speakers in my opinion have to be run with at least one sub, which is next on my purchase list…

    I’m surprised there hasnt been any reviews on the digitaldjtips youtube channel on RCF speakers as they are a favorite with the mobile guys outhere…

    I’ve also owned JBL powered speakers before the Cromo 12’s which were OK for up to 50 people, but so far for me the ART series from RCF has to be the best speaker I’ve owned.

    I actually compared them to my studio monitors, and they actually aint that far off as far as sound quality goes…

    I can’t recommend them enough, even the ART 3 or ART 4 series are better than most speakers in the same price bracket…

    DJ Vintage

    A good reason would be that this blog caters to a lot of starting DJs. And RCF, by any standard set, does not qualify as beginner gear. The quality is beyond reproach, most rental companies will own at least a few sets. The price however matches the quality. As there is also a personal taste factor involved, I dare venture that for most RCFs you can find an alternative for a bit less money.

    My personal favorites for years now are the Mackie HD Series. Currently I own two 12″ HD1221s and one 18″ HD1801 sub. Plenty of high quality sound and oomph for up to an easy 200 people.

    Anything bigger I still rent.

    Some other brands I love (especially in the larger segments) are German-made Fohhn (absolute wonderful column arrays with a ridiculously loud 21″ sub) and of course good old L’Acoustics.

    Allan Murray

    I agree with you on that as the 710’s set me back £800 and for that money a beginner could opt for a pair of DB Technologies Opera 510dx with a dB Technologies Sub 12 D for near enough the same price.

    DB technologies is RCF’s sister company and uses the same drivers and amps in some of their models…

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    Elliott Kim

    My new favorite is the Bose F1 series. Don’t let the 12-inch LF drivers fool you into thinking they lack low end. The Bose rep was demoing them at my local Guitar Center. I thought the rig had plenty of low end thump. Then he said,”Now let’s hear how it sounds with the F1 subs.”

    Pricing is competitive with JBL PRX series, QSC, and the EV ETX series.

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