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    old backup that made dj’ing hell
    – 2005 dell inspiron e1705 single core processor 1.2ghz, 80gb hd, 2gb ram, windows xp media center $1200 brand new at the time
    good ridance

    -brand new asus 15.6″ 2.0 quadcore i7, 500gb hard drive, upgraded to 12gb ram, nvidia geforce 5400
    still tweaking it and getting all the drivers updated, but the best deal you could find for a laptop under $600 (*refurbished, $1300 brand new)

    -fast and lot of useful features to configure how to run laptop. i.e. speed, battery saving power, media, office use
    all at the click of one button
    -less than half the price of a macbook but just as fast, if not faster
    -10 key keyboard

    -needs to be tweaked to run optimally, have to update all drivers
    -for a 15.6″ its just as big as my 17″ dell, but lighter
    -screen resolution maxes out at 1368×720
    -weird lighting

    i went with windows again because its what im familiar with, didnt feel like learning a whole new system and switching over to mac. not to mention i probably saved over a grand by doing so. and in all honesty i dont mind tweaking out my computer or spending time getting it to run optimally, i may even enjoy doing it a little bit.

    Im fine with my computer, im not overly excited about it though. but it gets the job done and i can dj again hassle free. for everything else it does more than whats required. very nice

    Chris Mann

    I’m using a Lenovo T60 14″ with 3GB RAM and and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 ghz. I use XP Pro 32-bit (SP2). I have a 320GB Western Digital HDD which contains my copy of Virtual DJ and few utilities on one partition and all my music on another. It runs fast and quiet, though the HDD gets warmer than I’d like, considering it’s on a stand.

    I like ThinkPads – I’ve used them for years at work and they can take the pace. As a result, my backup machine – and the one I use for downloads while I’m playing – is a T60 with a 15″ screen, 2GB RAM and a 7200rpm 60GB Hitachi HDD. I also take an external Western Digital 320GB with a mirror image of the music on the main one, which I keep up to date using Allway Sync http://www.allwaysync.com/ which is indispensible to me now. I also keep a second backup of all my music on an older Samsung 320GB HDD. Bit of a belt-and-braces job. That one never leaves my study!


    I have Lenovo Y580 with 32gb SSD and 1TB HDD 🙂 its nice, was a lot cheaper than macbook, it has 8GB ram, i7 processor, 2GB of virtual memory(nvidia GTX 660M), 4 usb ports(2 of them 3.0), backlit keyboard, about 5 hours battery life, HD screen 1920×1080 and its pretty good build

    touchpad could be better but since I use mouse primarly, its not a big issue..

    Ryan Gordon

    I have a HP Envy DV7, win8, about to dual boot with win7 for DJing. 16 GB ram, 1T hd, backlit keyboard, 17″ hd screen, 4 usb ports with 2, 3.0 and great battery life. i love it, no problems whatsoever, except win8! costco is having a great deal online right now

    Alex Wray

    Phil Morse, post: 11800, member: 2 wrote: What laptop do you use for DJing (make, model)? And what’s your favourite and least favourite thing about it?

    Mine is a MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2009. Favourite thing? Build quality. Least favourite? Screen size (I’d like 15″ for my poor bespectacled eyes).


    15″ 2009 Macbook Pro. 2.6 Ghz, 4 Gb RAM, 320 GB storage (Soon to be upgraded to 8 GB RAM and SSD storage)
    Best part: Paid $400 for it, is everything I hoped for and more
    Worst part: Other than not having SSD, pretty much perfect

    Edwin Alvarez

    same s u phil. mines 2012 model


    Dell Latitude E5520, i5-2520m @ 2.5 Ghz, 1080p screen, 8gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 4 x USB 2 ports and HDMI out. It boots to Windows in around 10 seconds and I’m considering sticking a back lit keyboard in it at some point. It’s fast, sturdy, reliable and runs fairly cool. Plus the 4 USB 2.0 ports add extra win.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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