Video: Pioneer RMX-1000 Effects Unit

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 26 November, 2017

Our initial impression of the Pioneer RMX-1000 (now also available in white as the Pioneer RMX-1000-W) changed once we were demoed it at Musikmesse 2012, in the video you can watch here. While it is still relatively expensive, you can use it in ways that mean for the serious DJ, even the digital DJ, there’s a case to be made for including something like this in your workflow.

Put aside the fact that you can use it as a VST plugin, with the hardware becoming basically a Midi controller for all the functions (which you have to admit is nice). What we liked most about it was that you can configure it in software, and take those settings to a gig with you. What that means is this. Imagine that clubs start fitting them as standard (don’t bet against it: it will only have to appear on a few riders for many to bite the bullet and mount one right there above the mixer, Zomo MC-1000 style. One feels that’s what Pioneer is banking on happening).

Now, you can seemingly configure loads about this. In the video you’ll see timings being configured for delay, but we’re told that it’s all configurable this way. So you configure all the effects, samples and other functions to suit your style of DJing. That gives you an edge (and let’s face it, your own sound/edge is more important than ever nowadays).

Here’s the clever bit: At that point, you send all of those settings from the configuration software to an SD card in your own unit, at home. Pop out the SD card, and your unit stays safely in your home studio. Now, when you reach your gig, you just plug your card into their RMX-1000, and your own custom effects are all available to you. Doesn’t matter how you DJ – DVS, CDs, USB, or fill digital – it’s another layer of high quality, customised effects.

Of course, a demo is one thing: We need to review it properly to see just how flexible this is and how much customisation is actually possible. But at least there’s some thinking out of the box going on here.

We’ll let you know more when we’ve had a proper hands-on play here in our workshop.

Has this video changed your mind about this unit? Could you see one fitting in to the way you DJ? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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