Where To Add Cue Points In DJ Software [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated 21 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed the Numark NS4FX, where to add cue points in DJ software, tech shortages, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:42 Should I get the Numark NS4FX instead of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6?
  • 7:14 Is there a new Native Instruments controller coming out?
  • 8:54 When should you upgrade your DJ controller?
  • 16:34 Is the DDJ-400 a good beginner controller, or should I go for the DDJ-800?
  • 22:52 How’s the build quality on the Numark NS4FX?
  • 24:12 Is it worth pre-ordering the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7?
  • 24:46 Will Numark release another standalone controller, like the Mixstream Pro?
  • 27:16 Can you explain where to add cue points in DJ software?
  • 33:47 Any tips on mixing tracks from different genres?
  • 37:17 How much did you spend on DJ gear when starting out?
  • 38:39 Are the Numark NS4FX jogs motorised?
  • 39:11 Where are the best places to buy flight cases for gear?
  • 42:48 What’s your opinion on Traktor upping their game recently?
  • 47:28 Can you use the Numark Mixstream Pro built-in speakers as booth monitors?
  • 49:16 Can you change the display size in Rekordbox DJ?
  • 52:44 Can I use Rekordbox DJ on a tablet instead of a laptop?

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