Which DJ-Focused Music Streaming Service Is Right For You?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 15 July, 2022


While there are several music streaming services that work with DJ software, when it comes to services designed specifically for DJs, there are actually only two: Beatport and Beatsource. Both have grown out of DJ culture, and exist solely to service DJs with music, unlike the others that you’ll tend to see in DJ software and systems.

But while both Beatport and Beatsource have DJ roots, and while both are powered by the same technology being from ultimately the same group of companies, they are in many ways very different.

So which may be best for you? That’s what you’ll learn by the end of this article.

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Come again, music streaming for DJs?

What we’re talking about here is subscription music services that you enable in your DJ software or hardware, that allow you to play music from the cloud rather than buying and owning it. “Spotify for DJs and DJ software/hardware”, basically.

Using a music streaming service is a great way to get started as a DJ (because you don’t have to build a library of music that you own), a great way to discover new music (because these services have curated playlists in genres that DJs find useful, that you can spin with), and also a perfectly good way to grab music to play house parties and so on.

Pro DJs playing paid gigs still prefer to own their music collections – but even for pros, being able to quickly grab a track you’ve not got, or forgotten, can make all the difference in a pinch, so having a music streaming service as a backup music source is becoming increasingly popular.

Which is best for you?


Beatport is an electronic music download store, that has championed dance music for many years now. It specialises in house in all its variants, techno, trance, and so on.

Check out Beatport if you want cutting-edge, underground electronic music.

Beatport is the place where, if you’re an electronic music DJ, or a DJ/producer, you’ll likely find your natural home. Heavily favouring independent and small labels, it’s cutting edge and uncompromising.

But, for many DJs, it will represent a strange world where you’ve not heard of any of the artists, and you may find yourself thinking, “If I played this stuff, I’d clear my dancefloors and get thrown off the decks!”

For you, there’s…


Beatsource is much newer than Beatport, but its history is equally storied, because Beatsource is run by the team behind respected DJ download pool, DJcity.

If you DJ more commercial hits, and want the latest pop tracks, edits, and remixes, go for Beatsource.

DJcity and Beatsource specialise in more commercial music – pop, hip hop, Latin, R&B, reggae/dancehall and so on. The group of companies is experienced in servicing DJs who need the latest pop hits and remixes, and who may also want the more commercial end of dance music within that, but mainly DJs for whom variety is important.

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Unlike the other “mainstream” music streaming services for DJs, though, Beatsource also has DJ-friendly remixes, like intro/outro edits, short edits, clean edits and so on, which comes from its roots as a DJ download pool. This makes it, in its own way, unique and a much better fit for DJs than more mainstream services.

Which to choose?

Put simply, if you play “open format” DJ sets, where you’re expected to play all kinds of styles, including commercial music, it has to be Beatsource. Conversely, if you play electronic and more underground music, Beatport is your natural home.

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It’s important to understand that they both run on exactly the same technology, and so have the same features and pricing (you can start from $15 a month) – it’s just the music they offer that differs.

Underground or commercial? We recommend checking out both services to see which one suits your DJ style best.

Right now you do have to choose though, as sadly there is no “joint” subscription available. Luckily both services come with a free trial so you can test them to see which is right for you.

Plus, as we here at Digital DJ Tips are a Beatport and a Beatsource Certified school, we can give you an even better deal on your choice of these services when you buy a course from us – so if you’re thinking of buying a course, do so before you sign up to one, and watch your inbox for your exclusive extended trial coupon.

Got any questions about these services, or music streaming for DJs in general? Let us know in the comments.

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