Your Questions: How Can I Stream Music In My DJ Software?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 March, 2018

Algoriddim's djay Pro for Mac has Spotify baked right in, but it only works online (ie you can't DJ with offline copies of the music).
Algoriddim’s djay Pro for Mac has Spotify baked right in, but it only works online (ie you can’t DJ with offline copies of the music).

Digital DJ Tips member Dave writes: “For a while I was using Virtual DJ which provided unlimited streaming of over 15 million songs for a monthly fee. However, they are trying to re-group after their provider Grooveshark shut down, and their new providers are horrible, taking forever to load a song. Any ideas of other programs that provide that much music content?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

This is a developing area, and to be honest, nobody has got it right yet. The only other DJ platform for laptop DJs we can think of is djay Pro for Mac, which has Spotify built in. (Spotify is also built in to djay 2 and Pacemaker for iOS). However, none of these lets you have a temporary copy of the tune offline so you can DJ with the music away from an internet connection, like the Virtual DJ / Grooveshark tie-in did.

There will certainly be developments in this area – after all, Beatport now has a streaming service, Apple Music can put tracks you’ve added to “your” library right there in iTunes for playing offline (but they’re DRM protected, so currently, even though they show in your DJ software, you can’t play them…), and with the whole industry moving towards subscription / streaming rather than ownership models for music, it’s silly to think DJing won’t at least offer this as an option.

But for now, no – such a service doesn’t exist as far as we know. If anyone knows any different, or knows of any plans or rumours about this, please let us know!

Would you like to see streaming in your favourite DJ software, or do you think this is something that’ll never catch on with DJs? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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