New ZipDJ Pro Pool Offers A Faster, More Powerful Way To Get DJ Music

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 9 January, 2022

ZipDJ has today announced the latest version of its music pool for DJs, called ZipDJ Pro. It has been entirely rebuilt, and offers “new features, improved application speed/stability, and a fresh new look”.

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What’s new in ZipDJ Pro

Changes and improvements to the platform include:

  • Speed and stability improvements, making each session run smoothly and flawlessly across all devices and platforms
  • Improved abilities to customise what you see when you log in to suit what’s important to you
  • More direct communication between DJs and labels to enhance feedback about releases
  • Improved searching and filtering, including free-text search and the ability to sort/filter by key and BPM
  • The ability to favourite tracks and follow artists and labels
  • The ability to organise tracks into crates, right within ZipDJ Pro

Of the improvements, it’s the ability to sort music into crates (playlists) that intrigues us the most. It means that it should be easier to audition new music from phone to laptop and back again while not “losing your way”. But as DJ software also use crates/playlists, of course, we’d be interested to see if tie-ins along those lines are planned in the future.

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What is ZipDJ?

ZipDJ services working DJs with promotional music from the majors and thousands of top indie music labels, for a monthly subscription fee.

In turn, DJs promote new releases by playing fresh tracks at their gigs week after week, and offering feedback to the labels via the platform.

Download pools such as ZipDJ are invaluable for the working DJ as they save time finding the big new tunes.

In the case of ZipDJ, the pool is particularly strong in all the different genres of electronic and dance music (whereas most download pools tend to be more commercial/”open format”-minded) – although it does carry a wider range of genres, too.

• For more information on ZipDJ Pro, including eligibility, pricing and more, go to the ZipDJ website.

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