Numark Mixtrack Pro: The Best DJ Controller Under $200?

Numark Mixtrack Pro

The Numark Mixtrack Pro has all you need to learn to DJ, at a bargain price.

As exclusively revealed on Digital DJ Tips six weeks ago, the Numark Mixtrack Pro is Numark's latest DJ controller, taking its successful Mixtrack DJ controller and adding a two-channel sound interface to make an all-in-one DJ controller that knocks the socks off the competition at this price point.

When we first saw our unit for this Numark Mixtrack Pro review, we weren't surprised to see it had had a subtle rebrand with silver rather than black knobs and faders, Of course, it also adds sound and headphone outputs, and there's a microphone input too. (The sound interface is presumably going to be good quality as Numark also makes the excellent budget DJ IO sound interface. We didn't hear it properly as we were at the BPM Show when we got our hands on one.)

In a surprising change, Virtual DJ LE is the included software. Not surprising because they've decided not to bundle Traktor (Traktor is harder to use than Virtual DJ and at this price point, and with a controller of this sophistication, Virtual DJ is better suited to the task at hand), but because Numark has its own branded version of Virtual DJ already, called Cue. Is this the end of Cue? Could be...

At this keen price point and with this level of convenience and usability, the Numark Mixtrack Pro is our favourite beginners or hobbyist's controller. It is not professional quality despite its name, but the important things - the jogwheels - are brilliant. The sound quality should be great, and we already know it is great fun to use, as there's no change from the original Numark Mixtrack there.

Plus it is excellently suited to controlling Virtual DJ software, which for DJs who are more interested in replicating vinyl or CDJ performances but with digital (which is most of us) rather than the complicated performances of "controllerism", is a proven and reliable choice of software, that's also great fun and easy to learn. And of course, now with the sound card built-in, it couldn't be easier to set up and transport. One to beat.

What do you think? Will you be buying a Numark Mixtrack Pro? Or is another budget controller catching your eye? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Rich Recap says:

    Been tempted by the Mixtrack and an Audio2DJ although the Mixtrack has taken forever to be released in the UK. Wonder how long the Mixtrack Pro will take before we can get our hands on it, at that price I'm definitely now going to wait, but hopefully not too long.

    Great blog BTW.

  2. So... If i already have a soundcard... is this worth gettin? or do u suggest the earlier model?

  3. Man, I felt like I should have waited to get the Pro version but I think it good to have the seperate DJ IO sound card since I may use another controller at times like a pad controller MPD18 or Livid Ohm.

  4. pepehouse says:

    Cheap controllers have terrible soundcards, better to buy the version without audio interface and save some money for a decent soundcard of your choice, good sound is as important for me as the music I play.

  5. Phil Morse says:

    If you already have a soundcard, get the earlier one.

  6. Dennis Boyle says:

    Would the external DJ I/O be better soundwise then the built in soundcard on the pro version? I'm torn between the two anyhelp is appreciatedm

  7. Dennis Boyle says:

    I Don't have a soundcard or any other Dj equipment this will be my first controller

  8. Phil Morse says:

    Then just go for the Mixtrack Pro. It's a great first controller, and you'll probably keep it for years. To me, external soundcards are often an unnecessary complication.

  9. Andrew Flynn says:

    I'm just starting out, it appears that it's cheaper for me in Canada to get the original Mixtrack with the NI Audio 2 DJ soundcard.

    Is there any difference in build quality between the original and pro versions? I notice the EQ kills have become Hot Cue buttons on the pro, but I already have an Akai LPD8 I could use for that.

  10. Phil Morse says:

    Hi Andrew - no there's no difference at all in build quality. Have no qualms about getting the Mixtrack plus NI Audio 2 DJ.

  11. Adam Prince says:

    Hi Phil,
    Im looking at getting rid of my two cdj100s because all theyre doing at the minute is gathering dust. In your opinion how does using this controller compare to using pioneers entry level CD player (if youve used them)?


    • Phil Morse says:

      Hi Adam. I've never used those but I used to have CDJ-500s, that was a while back!

      The best bit about the Mixtrack is its jogs, the rest is budget but that's fine because the jogs really do rock and they're the most important thing. I am sure you'll be happy with their performance - Numark put the money where it mattered on this one. If I were you I'd go for it without hesitation - it's a real DJ bargain and I predict you'll be bang back into DJing once you do! 😉

  12. Tommi Sipila says:

    Awesome site you've got here! If it wasn't for your site I'd still be looking at seriously buying the BCD3000.

    So, I'm on the verge of buying my first midi controller and I've narrowed it down between the Vestax Typhoon (top of my price range along with Hercules RMX, which I'll think I'm going to skip) and this new Numark unit. Since you have tried them all, which one would you recommend?

    I've already got a pretty decent set of headphones, so the price difference of 50 euros isn't really that big of a concern if the Vestax (or Hercules) unit has, for example, better quality controls than the Numark (like the pitch faders since I'd like to try and do beat matching myself).

    Best wishes,

    • Phil Morse says:

      If it were me? I'd get the Mixtrack Pro. They're both good units, fun to use, but the Mixtrack Pro is better value in my opinion. However - it's not out as of this second as far as I know, in which case go for the Mixtrack plus a NI Audio 2 or Numark DJ|IO sound card, or just stick with the Typhoon. If it were me I'd have a Mixtrack as they're a bit bigger, and thus maybe a bit less fiddly to use.

  13. just picked up the mixtrack pro at guitar center. so much fun.

  14. As the comment above mentioned, the kills are now hot cues. Are kills totally eliminated, or did they switch to the pushable eq knobs (push down to kill)? I'm strongly considering buying this, as I just purchased Traktor Pro as part of their 50% off sale.

  15. I've just gotten into DJing and I just bought the Hercules DJ Control MP3. I was looking at the Mixtrack Pro but I'm not sure would I need both of them? Are they the same item with different names? And I have not got a clue what it does... I have to get up on my YouTube videos, I know. But i was just wondering if this would be a smart buy for somebody like me?

  16. Phil Morse says:

    To AQ: What you have bought is fine to learn how to do it on. However you need to know that DJ hardware like this comes in two types: With a built-in sound card (or "sound interface") and without one. The one you've bought is without one.

    That's fine, but you'll need one extra piece of kit: a standalone sound card. The two we recommend are the Native Instruments Audio 2 (US$99/£76/€85) and the Numark DJ I/O ($79/£78/€88).

    Now assemble a pair of headphones (any will do for now) and some speakers (computer speakers or home cinema speakers or your hi-fi are all fine) and you have everything you need to learn to digital DJ on. You'll find lots of help and advice here and like you say, YouTube is a great place to pick up the basics. And practise hard!

    Here's some more about sound cards:
    All About Sound Cards for Digital DJing

  17. Adam Prince says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just thought id let you know i took your advice and am glad i did. Theres a bit of latency goin on so fader bashing and scratching isnt really an option but theres so much more i can do with this than the cdjs and the jogs are really good. for anyone on a budget who wants something they can have a proper mix on this things great.


  18. Can the Mixtrack Pro work with Traktor? Please help.

  19. thanks alot
    i just wanna ask one more question even if it works with traktor does the built in sound card powerful or i just get the mixtrack with an external sound card ex: dj Io

  20. Phil Morse says:

    The internal sound card is fine.

  21. thanks alot

  22. Hey guys. Great site you got here. I wish I would've checked it out before I went and purchased the original Mixtrack! I had a SoundBlaster External sound card which I figured would work with this unit. Unfortunately, even after hours of aimless tweaking with ASIO4all, it did not. Suffice it to say, I have since exchanged the original for the Pro, and I'm glad I did! Personally, I think it's a lot more convenient to have the sound interface built in. It's good to go right out of the box. This is my first venture into DJing, and so far I am very happy with this unit. As mentioned above, the jogs are very solid and extremely responsive. All buttons and knobs, while they are plastic, feel well constructed and tough. I can officially say, "I'm hooked" Now, off to watch some YouTube instructional vids :)

  23. Hey Phil,
    Quick question, is Mixtrack pro compatable with Traktor Pro software?

  24. Can you record your mixes directly to your pc? For later playback on your ipod or other device?

  25. So the only difference is that it has a built in sound card?

  26. Phil Morse says:

    John, Regarding Traktor Pro, the NI forum is the best place to ask to be sure:

    Eneg, You can't record to your PC with the supplied software, you need to upgrade it to the full commercial version.

    Jimmy, the Pro comes with Virtual DJ LE and the Mixtrack comes with Traktor LE. Personally? I prefer Virtual DJ. Many would disagree with me 😉

  27. Hey Phil,

    I have an Numark Total Control at the moment and looking to get the MT Pro. The reason for this, is because of the jogs and also the pitch control. Are the jogs motorized or they are free spin like on Total Control? And, when the sync button is used on the TC, the pitch is temporarily deactivated until you move the pitch fader. Does this have the same issue?


    • Phil Morse says:

      "When the sync button is used on the TC, the pitch is temporarily deactivated until you move the pitch fader. Does this have the same issue?"

      Jogs aren't motorised. The above sounds pretty normal - for sync to work it has to override the pitch control setting.

  28. Okay, cool. Well it's still better than the TC, from what I saw on YouTube...So ama go with it. Thanks again!

  29. whats the difference between the numark mixtrack and the numark iDJ3? besides the ipod input

  30. Nothing as far as I can see, both come with Virtual DJ and both have sound cards (I presume you're referring to the Mixtrack Pro).

  31. Where can you buy this for under $250?

  32. Hey, thanks for the great review of this little powerhouse.. One little question (in fact two): would you recommend M-audio Xponent or a Mixtrack Pro + Akai LPD8 combo? And concerning the Mixtrack pro, how would you compare the sound card in it to NI's A2DJ? Is it worth getting the regular Mixtrack and the A2DJ or is the Mixtrack Pro okay? (ended up as three questions, sorry..)
    thank you in advance for the answers

    • Phil Morse says:

      Can't really advise on the two setups as they're both great but more suited to different things. As far as the sound quality goes, to me there's no issue with built-in sound interfaces from Vestax, Numark or indeed Native Instruments, compared to external ones. They sound fine. It's more the flexibility you'd want to consider. If you're already thinking about doing more than straight DJing, maybe you want to get a better sound card and an external one so you can record through it later, or mike up live instruments, add CDs or whatever - bottom line is that an external sound card gives you more options at the expense of simplicity.

  33. Wow! A good helpful answer barely a few hours after I posted.. I am impressed :)
    thank you very much for your advice, you helped me a lot.

  34. Hey i have a chance to get a "reloop digital jockey 2 INTERFACE EDITION "for a price near the mixtrack pro. what do you think is the better one. im a beginner and it will be my first controller.
    hpefully you can help me, thinking abou it for a while.

  35. Phil Morse says:

    They're both excellent controllers. The Reloop arguably looks the more professional and does have more functions, but the Mixtrack Pro is THE runaway success controller of 2010 and has the best jog wheels of any controller around this price point. The Mixtrack comes with Virtual DJ which I prefer to Traktor, but Traktor is the industry standard software. Finally, you can plug an external Cd player or record deck into the Reloop which you can't with the Numark.

  36. thanks for that quick answer. sound like i shoud choose the mixtrack pro???
    or would you recommand me something else for biginners.?

  37. Mixtrack Pro is perfect for beginners.

  38. Phil,

    Looking into either DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload MKII or the Numark Mixtrack Pro, which do you believe is better given that I do not mind spending more if the quality is better?

    Thank you, I appreciate your help.


  39. How much does it cost to upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro Full from the LE version provided with this controller?

  40. I have decided to go for Mixtrack pro.
    Anybody knows where you get good discount on this in US during Black Friday sales?

  41. Phil Morse says:

    To DJ Peejays: Thanks for your comment. The upgrade price is from $49 (€37). I tried to email you with further details but the address you gave us is incorrect.

  42. Phil Morse says:

    Hi Sameer: The think with the Mixtrack Pro is availability - not many people have it. I know Unique Squared have got stocks so you could try them.

  43. Phil,

    Thanks for your attempt at contact. I have received information that you can upgrade to the full version for $149

    Hope this info is helpful for others interested in this product

    btw Phil fantastic site, you are doing a great job, one of the best dj resource portals on the net

  44. there was a question about if there are still kill switches on the numark mixtrack pro i use these a lot. i have the first one but would want the pro. do u know if i can push on the eq nob to kill EQ

  45. Does the Numark Mixtrack Pro come with the inputs and outputs to hook it up in a nite club setting-and does the soundcard pack enough punch to give the sound quality needed in a club

  46. Phil Morse says:

    It doesn't have pro standard anything, however I would be happy to use it in a club.

  47. Hey Phil, looking into buying my first controller and just wondering if it would be better to buy a Mixtrack with an Audio 2 Dj for sound quality, or the Mixtrack Pro? Thanks :)

    • Phil Morse says:

      Convenience = MixTrack Pro. Sound quality-wise, Audio 2 may just have the edge but I doubt it. More flexible for the future having a separate sound card, though.

  48. Woody,

    on the mixtrack pro the EQ kills have been replaced with Hot Cue buttons - however, you should be able to map them back as EQ kills in Traktor or VDJ - and you can then map the Hot Cue buttons to an external MIDI controller such as an Akai LPD8/Korg NanoKontrol which cost about $70-$80 USD

  49. Phil, one more question: will I be okay running a Mixtrack pro on USB 1.1 or do I need 2.0 to get it to function properly? I heard that a sound card and controller on one 1.1 port might cause problems :/

  50. thanks for the article phil, great website.Why would this controller just be considered as a begginer or hobbyist controller? why would it not work profesionally?

    • Jason Perrin says:

      Hey Danny, I think what Phil is saying is that it is an entry level controller and therefore it is great for newcomer DJ's as it is not expensive as say the Traktor S4. You could still use the Mixtrack Pro controller as a Pro unit however it may not holdup to the constant use say 5 nights a week for 5 or 6 hrs a night. The Mixtrack PRO is a great controller, i have used it lots in a nightclub or school dance or wedding gig and have had no issues at all.

  51. Phil Morse says:

    Just build quality - it's plastic and if you used it for 5 hours a night every night in club conditions, it wouldn't last forever. Compare it to Numark's NS7 for a comparison. Plenty of people are very happy with it though and hell, if it broke after using it 5 hours a night every night for a few months, you've just earned the money to buy pro gear anyway! :)

  52. ok, so I purchased a Mixtrack Pro...first time DJ with my own stuff, I really just wanted to play with it at home. All I want to do is hook it up to my laptop , play a song, cue a second one in my headphones and mix the track. Not so easy when your a total noob. The pro comes with a built in soundcard, I'm just having a hard time setting it up to do the above....does anyone have a decent setup guide?

  53. Hey Phil,

    is there a general consensus that those using equipment like this aren't proper DJs?
    As in, if you used these in a club, would 'pro' DJs turn their nose up at you?
    I just haven't the funds to buy a pro setup :\


    • Phil Morse says:

      To an extent yes, but it's changing rapidly. It's more about what you bring to the party than what equipment you're using.

  54. GreeNNoize says:

    Hi Phil, your review persuaded me to buy the Mixtrack Pro, excellent controller for the price but I am noticing audibly decreased sound quality- and I dont know why. Would it be possible to run the mixtrack pro through another sound card as well? You cant replace the card manually can you?

    Also it will not sink to my VDJ pro 6.1 , only the LE software they provided...
    Weird but still a great controller, the jogwheels are killer.


  55. Hi Phil, um how do you cue a song in your headphones when when also your listening to the one on the speaker and do you cue in your headphones? 8)

  56. Currently I use a motiondive.Tokyo controller with VDJ (which I had to hack to get it to work in Win7) but I'm looking at this as a slight upgrade. My laptop already has two line/headphone outs (Dell Inspiron 1525) that split nicely - one for main out and one for cue. One club that I dj at has no grounded outlets and is the only place my laptop causes the PA to buzz. Do you know if the soundcard built in to this controller would be able to eliminate this buzz? The "sound engineer" at this club says Dell power supplies are notorious for causing buzz but it doesn't happen ANYWHERE else.

    • Jason Perrin says:

      Go and buy something called the HumEx by EBTECH plug you laptop into this and plug into the is totally gone. will cost about 99 bucks but worth every penny and no buzz ever.

  57. To Jake: You need to check the audio settings are right - look in the QuickStart.

    To Mikey: Using just your laptop to DJ in clubs with is a great minimal solution but the sound card built in to a DJ controller or an external sound card would probably solve your problem. - it is not ideal using on-board laptop sound to DJ in clubs. Never heard of a laptop with two splittable headphone outs though, got to admit that's pretty neat.

  58. Do you need a minimum Processor Speed to run any of these digital decks like the Mixtrack or Mixtrack Pro?

    Like, will a MacBook Air work with 1.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and 2GB of RAM?

    • Phil Morse says:

      Yes, that will be fine for the Mixtrack. You can check on the manufacturer's site, but any Intel Core Duo should be OK.


  60. Mark Weyman says:

    The Numark Mixtrack pro only has one line out to connect to an amp, how can I set it up so I can run a second line out?

  61. Do you know when the official release date is in New York? And are speakers required for this controller ?

  62. Phil Morse says:

    To Jon: Should be available now via Amazon, Unique Squared etc.

    To JHony: Should do, but I haven't tried it. Try the Virtual DJ forum for help on that.

    To Mark: Use a splitter cable.

  63. I've just purchased the numark mixtrack pro sj consile. I just want to know if it is compatibile whit windows 7 . i apologise for my english writing skills .

  64. Hi i'm interested in buying a midi controller and i am between a Digital Jockey Controller Edition 2, a mixtrack pro and a mixtrack
    first of all i would like to ask if it is wiser to buy a controller with a build in sound card. I don't really intend to play in some famous big clubs with this equipment, i am a novice who just likes mixing up tracks. Still i would like to buy some good equipment which would later on cover my pro needs (if -hopefully- any)
    budget is not a problem as mixtrack pro costs 230E, reloop dj2 240E and mixtrack 170E
    please help!! let me know what would suit me best..please note that the reloop looks more sophisticated (but complicated as well)
    last one! there's a "key" adjuster on the reloop. Does this mean i can adjust the song's key with it?
    and there's a "stutter" button on the mixtrack. what does this do? is there something like it on the reloop. I am using virtual dj 5 and there's no such key.. :/ thnx in advance!!

  65. Phil Morse says:

    I'd go for one with a built-in sound card, and the Mixtrack Pro is the best seller out of these three plus the only one with a sound card built in.

  66. where to buy? says:

    I'm in the US and cant find anywhere to buy this for the life of me! Is it simply not release yet? If so, when is it going to be available?

    • Phil Morse says:

      It was the must-have controller this Christmas, it looks like they're struggling to keep up with demand. Unique Squared had some (see ad on this site), you could try them.

  67. Hey Phil! Would this Mixtrack pro be good to use inside a night club sound wise

    • Phil Morse says:

      Yes, it's not the best-of-the-best but it would be fine. Use high quality 320kbps MP3s or WAVs for best sound.

  68. Hi Phil,
    Considering giving djing a go and your site has convinced me that this is a great controller to start with.
    However, i keep reading about latency with the jogwheels and fader? Is this a big a big issue? Because i can imagine keeping to the rhythm of a track would be problematic with some delay. Is there any way to reduce this?


    • Phil Morse says:

      No, it isn't an issue with modern controllers. You can't scratch like Grandmaster Flash on some jogwheels, but you'd never know the difference unless you were a veteran pro. The Mixtrack Pro is great to DJ on with no discernable latency as long as you're using a modern laptop.

  69. Jimmy Dora says:

    is this good for a beginner

  70. Jimmy Dora says:

    do i need to have an external speaker or can i take it straight out of the box hook it up to my computer and just have the sound come through my computer speaker

    • Phil Morse says:

      I guess you could plug it in to your audio in on your PC, depending on how your computer is configured, its spec etc - the best thing to do is plug your computer speakers (I presume you're talking about external speakers) straight into your Mixtrack. If you wanted to use your computer's internal speaker, the only way to do it would be the way you suggest, but laptop speakers aren't good enough to DJ properly with and I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

      • Some people say you can use the Mixtrack Pro right out of the box but I see some people on here who are concerned about the setup (soundcard/headphones). Once I install the software will I have to go and configure my settings on my laptop?

        My setup that I will be using at parties is the Mixtrack Pro going into the amp and the amp dishing out sound through 15" speakers. With this setup in mind how do I config VDJ? When I go to the VDJ setup it shows this.

        Inputs: NONE

        Outputs: chioce of: Single Input
        External Mixer
        3-lines Mixer
        Advance Config

        Soundcard: (it says "Simple") and on the right it is a drop menue that has "Speakers and Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)

        With this stated above how should my settings be configured?

  71. Sebastian says:

    Hey Phil. I am about ti buy the Mixtrack PRO, but I was wondering if it would work well with Traktor Pro. Ive heard things like the sound card has issues with traktor and some other things like that. But cant trust all I hear. So I need your expertize now Phil. Thanks a lot for your answer!

  72. Hi phill i was just wondering if this is the best midi controller u can get for 200 or under i mite be able to strech to 250 if its worth it Thanks.

  73. can i connect it to my speakers and subs?

  74. hey i was just wondering what would be the best cheap speakers to get so i could just bassicly plug in and play

  75. I have been looking out for this controller for more than a month.
    But no stores in US has it in stock
    So if not Mixtrack pro is there any other ~250$ controller which is as good as this and with inbuilt soundcard?

    In case if you know a store in USA where its in stock. Please do let me know

  76. Hi Phil,

    I have the Numark Mixtrack Pro and when I go to record my mix it gives me a message of \"Recording Error\" Is there a simple solution to this? Any help would be appreciated. Be mindful that I am a Noobie (LOL) so when you reply I hope you can put it in simple terms (LOL) Thanks again.


    • Phil Morse says:

      I don't know for sure in your case, but unless you've upgraded to a full version of your DJ software, recording is probably disabled.

  77. Hey !

    I was using a NuMark total control before and decided to upgrade so that I could take advantage of the new interface... i'm having a hard time getting used to the new controller and the setup guide doesn't tell me much... am I missing a full user manual? here are my questions:

    1) how do you start a track from the begining? before you would hit the pause button twice.
    2) how do you adjust the gain for each track? on the VDJ software and my old mixer there was a gain knob above the treble... it's not there?
    3) i used to enjoy playing with the treble, bass and mid knobs for sound effects by pushing them and releasing them again. why would they remove that feature?
    4) what's up with the stutter button? does that do anything fun?

    thanks! Joey

  78. Ok I'm not sure if it is just me or what but the mixtrack pro I recently purchased does not scratch properly on a consistent basis. First, I have only been dj'ing for two years, but I know how to scratch so I know it isn't me.

    Basically, I was told if you want to use the mixtrack pro for scratching simply press the button labeled "scratch" and the jog wheels will act like turntables. This means if you press down the song will stop, if you move the jog wheels the track will rewind, ect.

    Fresh out the box it did not work properly. I upgraded the virtual dj software and suddenly SUCCESS!!! It worked perfectly and I was highly enjoying my experince. Then, one day while practicing a mix I pressed the "PFL" button to see the timecode for the song and my worst nightmare returned. Both jog wheels stopped working in scratch mode, and basically acted the same on or off.

    Is there a setting I need to configure or what? Sorry for the long story but PLEASE help.

  79. hey
    im about to buy new equipment. But Im not sure whether i should go for the Mixtrack Pro, the new reloop mixage CE (which has a metal case) and the vestax typhoon. Which one would you choose? I like the mixtrack but im very sceptical with the plastic case and buttons.
    Need Help !!! ^^


    • Phil Morse says:

      Reloop Mixage isn't out yet. the other two are both plastic but well made, so it's up to you in that respect.

  80. Sebastian says:

    Hey Phil, Ive got a question for you. I was planning to buy this piece of equipment, but now im decided to buy a Korg nanoKONTROL and an Akai LPD 8. And with those two I have a lot more buttons sliders and knobs than with just the mixtrack or maybe with any controller. What do you think about these two Im gonna buy??

  81. Sebastian says:

    P.D.: I dont really care about the jogwheels for scratching, I dont do it, and Ive got an external-low latency- sound card.

    • Phil Morse says:

      You can DJ with any kit, but you need to think about what software you want to control with it. If it's Ableton, go for an Ableton controller like the Launchpad or one of the Akais, if it's Traktor, then 1 (or 2) X1s would be good. Compaiing the Mixtrack with the Korg nanoKONTROL/Akai LPD 8 is chalk and cheese - they're completely different types of set-up.

  82. Hey Phil. First off, I am a total noob at this. I want to start DJ'ing and your article makes me wanna buy the mixtrack PRO. I have virtual DJ 7 pro, at the moment. But my concern is that, I have 2 700watt speakers that I'm gonna use. And they have 2 1/4 inputs. How would I go about setting my mixtrack pro to the speaks??

    • Phil Morse says:

      You just need to get 1/4" mono to RCA/phono leads. It'll work fine.

      • Alright. thanks. But another thing. Will i need an amp? my speakers are not active. they are 4 ohms each and 700wattrms. any suggestions, mate?

        • In that case, yes you will need a power amp. Best to ask a local music store to recommend something to suit your speakers.

  83. Is the mixing software that comes with the mixtrack pro able to be downloaded on multiple computers? I want to split the cost with a friend and this is somthing to consider.

  84. Webbz,

    If you purchased the Mixtrack Pro then you will receive the Virtual DJ Software with the product. It will allow you to upgrade to the Virtual DJ Pro for 20 days and after that you can purchase the VDJ Pro edition or revert back to the VDJ LE edition that your product comes with (on a disk). What is your email address? Uma hit you up.

  85. Hey Phil, given the two options of:
    1) Numark Mixtrack + NI Audio 2
    2) Numark Mixtrack Pro
    Which one would you prefer and why?
    I am also wondering if there are any improvements quality-wise in PRO?

  86. Hi Phil

    I'd first and foremost like to say that you and this website are absolutely incredible. I've made mixes for a while now mostly with software such as mixmeister and VDJ, and logically the next step for me is to buy a controller. I dont wonna break the bank and I want to so Mixtrack looks like the one for me. HOWEVER, some of my good friends are I guess what you would call veteran DJ's ??(they've opened for guys like Chris lake and Benny Benassi etc etc)and they told me that SERATO is the way to go any other DJ software is a joke and that I shouldn't bother with it. Obviously that's their bias and I would like to see what I like for myself ... that being said if I buy mixtrack / mixtrack PRO can I use serato/ VDJ / and Traktor ? or can I only use the software that comes with the controller ?



    • Phil Morse says:

      They'll be talking about Serato Scratch, which is vinyl emulation software that requires you use control vinyl on real record decks. Controllerism - Mixtrack etc - replaces all that with a piece of kit that allows you to duplicate all those functions without the need for any of the "old school" equipment. Within controllerism, Serato ITCH is a "closed" system in that it only works on Serato-approved hardware, whereas Virtual DJ and Traktor in theory can work on most DJ controllers (it's all basically Midi underneath). However, quite a lot of Midi mapping is sometimes required to pair up hardware and software to get it to do what you wish. If you are attracted to Mixtrack Pro (it's a great first choice) then my recommendation would be to forget what your friends say and go for it, upgrading the cut-down version of Virtual DJ supplied with it to Virtual DJ Pro if you like it, if not you can go for Traktor Pro 2 (it's released at the start of April and it looks excellent), although be sure to check it works with Mixtrack Pro when it's officially released - I imagine it will.

  87. I'm having a problem..I have the Mixtrack pro and i record my mixtapes with it..But when i use the mic to talk over the mix,it dont record my voice.why is that???

    • Marcus,

      I had the same problem but when I recorded my mixes, it record all the background noise such as me talking, my daughters screamimg (LOL) etc.. What I did was configure the record options. It gave me the option to record the track with or with out mic output. All you have to do is check the option the records without the Mic output (off). Unfortunately I forgot where to go to get to that option. I am working on it now. I will get right back to you as soon as I figure where I went to get to this option.


  88. Okay Marcus here it goes. Open VDJ and then click the Record tab.

    Click the "Config" Tab

    Click the "Master + Mic" tab and then save it.

    Wah-lah now you have set it to record your music mixes as well as your voice whne you talk into the Mic.

    • thanks worked but i see what your records everything in the room :-(

      • To stop it from recording everything in the room just click Master. Do click the "Master +" option because that is what records everything in the room. Glad it worked out for ya.


        • i think what i was trying to do was record my mixes and voice over a few tracks with the background..what happens is when you chose Master+mic the mic picks up the speaker in the room so it gives it a echo sound...Being that the Mixtrack Pro has a built in mic i thought i would record what i speak in the mic and not the rest of the room..It could be my mic also..not sure :-(

  89. Yeah Marcus it would be better if you used the mic input.

    • when i use the mic input..i hear my voice through the speakers but when i record my mix you dont hear my voice..Thats when i use the Mic input

  90. When you are recording you may not hear your voice in the speakers but it should still record and come up when you play it back.


  91. Brievilz says:

    I'm a veteran dj who's been out of the loop for a while. My setup consists of my desktop computer and 5.1 surround sound speakers. I assume I can use the computer's hd sound drivers for both input and output or do you think it's better to invest in a separate sound system like a "boombox"? I don't plan on being a mobile dj but may be possible in the future. What I'm getting at is should I get the mixtrack pro for now since I'm only using it at home or should I save my money and get either the vci-300mkll or the denon equivalent?

    • Phil Morse says:

      The Mixtrack Pro and the VCI-300 both have their own sound cards, with RCa outputs to plug in to external amp/speakers. So you'd plug your speakers directly into the back of the Mixtrack bypassing your computer's sound card completely.

      Both the Mixtrack Pro and the VCI-300 are great controllers - in your position I'd buy the Mixtrack Pro as it's brilliant value for money and can be used semi-professionally too.

  92. hi everybody
    i am a novice at mixing ,( surgeon by proffesion) wanted to buy a midi controller , was thinking about Hercules Control RMX/Xponent by M audio, i am currently using X session pro with Virtual Dj version6.1, but now i am also intersted in MIx Trak Pro Too....
    as now i am inclined to buy mix trak pro.
    1.which is a better choice amongst above three ( price is not a criteria)
    2. can i still use The Mixtrak pro on VDJ 6. and above version or i have to use it with VDJ5.0 LE as supplied with the box
    3. I am using Windows 7 are all above compatible with it

    thanks in advance

    • Phil Morse says:

      Check compatibility on the manufacturer's sites to be sure re Windows 7. If you own a legitimate copy of Virtual DJ Pro, you can always get updates for free and the latest version will work with Mixtrack Pro. All of these controllers are good for different things, so you need to look at their features to decide. Note than the RMX has been somewhat shaded by the 4-Mx, which is similar but has far superior jogwheels.

    • I have thw Mixtrack Pro and VDJ work flawlessly> The VDJ software is designed to work with Window 7 as well as Vista and XP. You will not have any problems with compatibility. None whatsoever.

  93. OK, I have been looking at the Mixtrack Pro for a while now. I been using a friend’s Numark Omni Controller, I like it. What one is better? I was also looking at the American Audio VMS4, I like the built in mouse pad, I know its more money. How does it compare to the Numark controllers? What are your thoughts on these controllers?


    • Phil Morse says:

      Mixtrack Pro is new, Omni is much older and pretty outdated now, although well made it's jogs are far inferior. The VMS4 packs a lot for the money, but only buy if you need all these features!

      • Mixtrack Pro sounds and looks good but all the plastic parts scare me. I only run 2 decks. I don't need the 4 that the VMS4 has. But I like that the VMS4 with the built in mouse pad.It looks much more solid then the Mixtrack Pro. How is the VMS2? I am thinking about going back to the mobile djing business. Right now I mix in my house and at parties I have.


        • I was going to get the VMS4 just before I got the Mixtrack Pro but then I saw that people were having a problem with it just cutting completely off in the middle of their gigs so I got the Mixtrack Pro. The VMS4 is probably fixed by now. I havent heard of it shutting off at all lately. I think this was in the early stages of it just coming to the market. I like it because it is very solid metal and it is heavy. It weighs 20lbs and that is what I love about it. However the Mixtrack Pro is light but you will definitely get your moneys worth with all the features on it. I do a number of parties with the Mixtrack Pro and it is great. My only problem with the Mixtrack Pro is that it doesnt have any inputs as the VMS4 does. MY next purchase will be the Mixdeck which has a great deal of feature (2 USB inputs for storage drive music, 2 CD decks in case something goes wrong with the other decks, an Ipod deck to mix music and two controllers for your music to load on from your hard drive. Now the Mixdeck is definitely a win-win situation however it is more expensive than the VMS4 and the Mixtrack Pro. I hope this helps.

  94. Great review!!! its possible mapp in virtualdj the gain for each canal using the effect control button?

    thanks for advance


    • Phil Morse says:

      Yes, but you'll need a full version of the software (not the free version that comes with it) in order to be able to make changes to the hardware configuration.

  95. Hello guys, i want to know how i can record my mixes. I´ve just order myself a mixtrack pro and i want to record my mixes. Im guess that i plug one of that outputs to my external speakers but if i put the other like cinch>jack to soundcard line in in my pc, may i record the same signal which goes to 1st one? are that signals identic? And if it is, which SW to record my mixes you will recomend to me? Sorry for my english. Hopet that anyone knows any advice for me. Thanks a lot for everybody!


    • Phil Morse says:

      There is only one output on the Mixtrack Pro so this isn't simple to achieve. Best bet is to upgrade the software to a paid-for version, which has a recording function built-in.

      • i already have a full VDJ 7, so it wil be possible there i guess. that 2nd output is for what? thanks

        • Phil Morse says:

          Bizarrely, it is the same signal that gets sent to your headphones. Why anyone would want to amplify the headphones feed is anyone's guess, but it's no good for recording your performance from, that's or sure.

        • That its stupid ting, but nevermind, i´ll do it that way))) but i wante record a podcast f.e. but i have to do it wit different way, that could be easier....

  96. How do i output the mixes through my laptop speakers...?

    • Phil Morse says:

      It is not designed to do that. There's probably a way but best bet is to unplug your external speakers from your laptop and plug then into your MixTrack - assuming you're using external speakers of course.

  97. Hello!

    I have a question I’d like to get answered.

    I am able to get my hands on a used Reloop Digital Jockey 2 INTERFACE edition for almost the same price as a NEW Mixtrack Pro.

    Which one should I go with? I dont know the Reloop-seller personally so it’s not a friend of mine or something like that.

    What would you consider and why?


    • Phil Morse says:

      I'd go for the Mixtrack simply because of the comeback if something's wrong with it - DJ controllers can break quite easily.

      • Thank you for the answer.

        Is the reloop a lot better or just slightly? I get 3 years of warranty on the Mixtrack, which I think is pretty good to be honest.

  98. I cant decide between the Mixtrack or Mixtrack Pro.

    What is this soundcard that Mixtrack is missing?

  99. Hey, i have the mixtrack pro, my concern is that i have a gig coming up, i checked the style of connections that they have, they are using 1/4 and XLR… but the mixtrack pro doesnt have those connections what should i do..?

    • Phil Morse says:

      It's a limitation of consumer gear, but there is a workaround - get 2 x male RCA to female 1/4" mono TRS adaptors.

  100. Hi Phil,

    It's great place for DJ stuffs! I like it!

    I see on pics MT Pro don't have gain knobs for deck A & deck B separatly. Is it good or bad solution?

    And one question more... Sometimes, two songs for mix have different signal level (but same bit rate - 320Kbps). Does software can set the same level for both (if software has autogain like VDJ) or I have to set this on controller with volume (I note MT Pro doesn't have VU meter)?

  101. Hi Phil,

    I have decided to sell my CDJs and go digital, however I regularly use a third deck in my sets. I understand that I will need to upgrade to a pro version of whichever program I end up going for to support 4 channels(probably Traktor)and mapping buttons so that I can switch between decks 1 and 3 - my question is how would it work in relation to volume/pitch controls when switching? Does it lock them in or does it just follow the physical faders when you switch back and change the values, messing up the mix?

    • Phil Morse says:

      The fader/knob settings remain where they were unti you move the fader to that position. So if a fader was set to 3/4 when you "left" a deck, when you return you have to move that fader back to 3/4 to "pick up" the control. This means you glance at the screen to know where to move your fader/knob to, and also means that there are no jumps in sound etc. It works well in practice.

      • Thanks for the swift response! Would it be easier to use the laptop to control deck 3 so that the volume on both tracks can be adjusted at the same time?

        • Phil Morse says:

          I am a fan of mapping occasional controls to the laptop, so I'd say do this if you'e comfortable with it. It works fine as described above, though.

    • Save yourself the headeche and DO NOT USE TRACKTOR.It is way to difficult to understand and Virtual DJ is extremely easy to understand.

  102. This guy shows why this equipment is a must buy for all djs


  104. Costello says:

    Is it possible to use this without a Computer?

    I mean do you need the computer for the power supply and also for importing the music. You can't use a plug for the power, or your ipod for the music?


  105. hi Phil, i have a quick query
    Between the Behringer BCD3000 and the Mixtrack Pro, which is better?
    Obviously the Behringer is a much older model, but in terms of performance and hardware quality (knobs and such) i'm unsure. what would you suggest? been using vinyl for a while now and looking to go digital.
    Much appreciated

    • Phil Morse says:

      Definitely the Mixtrack Pro. I wouldn't recommend the Behringer for anyone, it's hopelessly outdated nowadays.

  106. also i notice the mixtrack pro doesn't have a headphone control on it's physical interface to monitor one deck whilst the other is playing through the main does one then go about doing so?
    thanks again

  107. Hey I've been DJing for around 5 months. I mostly practice at my friends place with his CDJ 400's and I play at venues on CDJ 1000 and 2000's. I need to buy a system to practice with at home, and my biggest concern right now is practicing beatmatching and mixing, and a little scratching. I was looking at the DDJ-t1's but they are quite pricey for what will be just a home practice set. Will this system do the trick for what I need. Seems like it will, but wondered what you had to say about this.

  108. Juhreewskeh says:

    Is it a big enough upgrade that i should get this over the mixtrack? I don't do any serious DJing, but i would want to get gear that would be suitable for such should i decide to peruse it. Plus I'm on a budget here, so i would want to know the extra $100-$150 is well deserved. Software is not a real concern to me.

    • The difference is simply that the MTP has a bult in audio interface and the Mixtrack doesn't - take your pick and go for a cheaper separate audio interface if you wish.

  109. Can't decide if I should get this or the Hercules RMX. Which is better for a beginner DJ and if I really want to take it to the next level?

    • Mixtrack Pro is good enough. you can learn to DJ well on pretty much all gear, and Mixtrack Pro will last you many years as you start to learn the skills.

  110. how do I add my effects example: air horn to the sound effects on my MTP??

  111. Since i familiar with traktor pro 2. I got a question about mixtrack pro. Does the crossfader and jogwheel will properly work with traktor pro 2? Im about to get either mixtrackpro or hercules dj console 4-mx. But still in the phase of considering. Which one should i get? Any suggestion beside that 2 midi controller?

  112. Hi phil,
    I don't speak english vey well because i'm from Argentina,so, sorry if I make a mistake, jajaja.
    I'm a beginner DJ, and I want to know if the numark mixtrack pro would be suitable for me. I started with Virtual Dj one year ago.
    Also I would like to know if I could use it at a club.

    Thanks for all the guides,
    Greetings from Argentina,


    • Phil Morse says:

      YEs it's a good starter controller, and yes you can use it in clubs although it is not "pro" gear.

  113. Hey

    I was wondering you got any suggestions on speakers to hook up to this??

    If i want to hook up a sub and two components do i need an amp. Or you got some better speaker to suggest i can just plug and go?

  114. hey i would like ask if im interested in starting to dj
    would this be a good starter for myself to learn the skills my own off the internet?

  115. can you record sets with this?

  116. Hi im planning on getting the mixtrack pro so i can get into djing. Will this do the job at parties once hooked up to amps and speakers? And i plan on using an emachines laptop with an intel celeron 900 processor. Its a 64-bit so will it be compatible? Thanks

    • Yeah, it'll be fine at parties. There's a spec on the Numark website so you can see if your machine will be compatible - I recommend checking first.