Friday Roundup: The Hidden Cost Of MP3s + 3 More Stories

MP3s have the blood of the music industry on their hands - or so says one of the articles we've been reading this week.

MP3s have the blood of the music industry on their hands - or so says one of the articles we've been reading this week.

Some great news folks! Seeing as it's Christmas, we've been working hard all this week on an early present for every single Digital DJ Tips member. Watch your email inbox as we'll be giving you yours via Monday's email. What is it? Well, suffice to say that it only comes once a year, but it's not Santa...

Meanwhile, the best of the web this week: How deadmau5 is bossing SoundCloud, the history of dubstep, one man's rallying cry against MP3s, and another man's plea to not let your gear dominate your talent. It's all here...

  1. The Hidden Cost of MP3s - Sean Ray, the ever-opinionated DJ behind Not Your Jukebox, shares why he thinks digital music has changed the culture for the worst Read more
  2. That London Sound: How Dubstep Took Over America - In the Mix brings us a bit of a history lesson, complete with SoundCloud evidence... Read more
  3. How Deadmau5 Uses SoundCloud To Connect With 400k Followers - Talking of SoundCloud, our friends over at JustGo reveal a simple little trick that you can pinch to make your listens go sky-high too Read more
  4. How The Gear Slut Kills Your Talent - Great read and a lot of sense from our friend Alan over at Traktor Tips Read more

Whatever you're up to this weekend, DJing, partying or taking it easy, have a great one and we'll see you on the other side...

Don't forget to comment below on any of the articles we've linked to in todays' post...

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  1. Hi Phil,

    I am looking for a controller, more or less the same size as the cmd Micro. That can fit into my flight case along side my mixer. The only problem with the cmd micro is the lack of EQ.. So I have look at the JB Systems Kontrol 1 is it a good controller? Or would recommend a other Controler?

    Thanks Willem

  2. HankBizzle says:

    You know, I pretty much agree with everything he said in that article (the cost of mp3's). I know it's kinda like blasphemy to say this on a Digital DJ site, but I wholeheartedly think vinyl DJing was a million times better than digital, in every single way! I even miss lugging crates around. Maybe that's because for me DJing was never a career, I never made money DJing and tbh I never want to do it as job, for me it's a hobby and a passion. Ever since I stopped using vinyl only my passion has all but gone, and for most of the reasons brought up in the article.

    • I'll say here what I said at notyourjukebox: I love vinyl but, realistically, it is not better than anything else (well, perhaps CDs and elaborate more on that bellow). The truth is that I love vinyl simply because I learned to play with it, and DJed with it for more than 20 years. So it's only natural that I love it and tend to think of it as "better" than mp3s or even CDs. But it's not, it'ss just different.

      There are so many emotional memories attached to it that it's almost impossible not to feel nostalgic sometimes (and hit my SL1200 MK2s when I feel like that, or whatever...). Those memories, emotions and thus that love for vinyl, the venerable Technics and the whole original DJ culture won't ever leave me, I reckon.

      But I carry on and now use mostly (90%) digital, for practical reasons and above all because playing and DJing is more important to me than all that.

      I actually prefer mp3s over CDs because, with mp3s I have artwork, waves to make up for the lack of grooves and some other details. It's almost like I'm seeing it "spinning" on a screen instead of dotted platters (and it is, as I use DJAY lol) instead of a piece of plastic inside a CDJ I can't even see. May not seem much, but all this gives me so much more "feedback", feeling or whatever you may call about the music I'm playing or searching to play, and consequently on my sets. Heck, DJAY2 even has a "queue" feature that kinda mimics me pulling and slanting the records on my old UDG bag!

      • HankBizzle says:

        I'm definitely with you there, I hated CDJing, it killed DJing for me. MP3s are more like vinyl in a lot if ways, digital brought DJing back to life after vinyl for me. However, I'm not really talking about the actual DJing part of vinyl vs mp3. For me it's a culture thing.
        There was so much more to DJing than just playing tunes, buying records was a big part of it. Nowadays I actually don't look forward to buying new tunes because of the sea of turds I have to wade through to find decent tunes! That is actually my biggest issue with digital buying, the complete lack of quality control and the fact that everyone has access to the same tunes. Basically what he said in the article.

      • That's exactly how I felt I thought "well if I'm going to give up the simplicity of vinyl, I ain't swapping it fir sh***y CDs - I'm going for all the advantages of digital."

      • For sure Hank, the whole "cultural" part of DJing has so many emotional memories attached to it for you, me and any DJ from those times it's perhaps impossible to overcome or let go. It will never be the same, ever again - not only the record store part but everything that had to do with music acquisition so to speak: from getting promos and white labels in the mail to making swaps with fellow DJs; from waving a smashing hit record cover to the crowd to tunes being robbed from your bag at clubs and gigs (lol yeah that happened a few time to me yeah!)...

        Everything had a different meaning and feeling. I remember the smell of the vinyl in my fingers the day after I played and as stupid as it may seem that too had a lot of meaning and emotion to me.

        I also agree that CDs killed a big part of DJing for me, both on the cultural side and the music playing part too. Though in the early moments when CD was news (and just a small part of my music) I kinda liked it for the freedom and ease it brought. They were compact, light and allowed me to record and manipulate hard-to-get tunes (promos, edits, mashups, etc.) much like a 12"on turntables. And I admit I like to try and embrace new technology. But what kept me going through those few years of "CDJs only" was my love for music and DJing, I'm passionate about it so I had to carry on. Digital brough the joy back in many ways to me.

        Now, that brings it to my point. Different (or new) doesn't necessarily have to mean "worse". I think we need to find joy and challenge in the "new" to keep doing what we love, be it a new job, a new wife, and new place or a new way to DJ. Because even if mp3s vanished next week and vinyl made a complete resurgence, it will never be the same exactly because the DJing culture has change (and you and me and everyone changed too!), and that has little to do with the the music medium.

        DJing was much, much smaller and now everybody and his granny is a DJ and producer, it's still a niche bug a huge one, many times bigger than 10 or 20 years ago. I remember having to "wade through a sea of turds" back in the day to get my music too, just in some different ways. But basically, the amount of work and dedication and sensibility is the same IMHO. Back then I got a lot of crap to get one gem, I suffered for not being able to find of get "that" tune, I came to great extents to amass a decent record collection - just like I'm doing now. I guess that work is at the core of DJing and will always be, no matter what "kind" of medium we use to play.

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