Review & Video: Reloop RHP-15 Headphones

DJs just starting out quickly realise that ideally they’re going to want a certain type of headphone: Sturdy, foldable, offering good acoustic isolation, preferable with a removable cable, and… well, it has to be said, DJs do tend to prefer a certain “look”. The RHP-15s from Reloop appear to tick all the boxes

BPM 2015: Reloop Tablet Stand

Reloop has announce the Reloop Tablet Stand here at the BPM Show: a nicely design, ultra-portable way to integrate a tablet or smartphone into your workstation. Light, foldable and compact, it has rubberised feet and a fully adjustable squaring mechanism with push-lock function.

BPM 2015: Reloop Tape 2.0

Reloop has told us about Tape 2.0 ahead of the BPM Show this weekend here in Birmingham, UK. Tape is a clever little cassette tape-shaped device that lets you record your DJ sets straight to USB (USB drive not included), and Tape 2.0 is the latest version of this device.

BPM 2015: Reloop RHP-15 DJ Headphones

Reloop has announced the RHP-15 DJ Headphones, a new model tucking in beneath the RHP-20 and RHP-30 in Reloop’s range, with closed earcups, 50mm drivers, a removable one-sided audio cable, and as folding design for ease of transportation.

BPM 2015: Reloop RMP-4 Hybrid Media Player

Reloop has just announced the latest addition to its RMP range of CD/USB/Midi hybrid media players/controllers, the RMP-4. It can act as a Midi controller (natively for Virtual DJ, Traktor mapping also included), and has four performance modes too, with eight trigger pads controlling hot cues, hot loops, loops roll and sampler functions.

Reloop Beatmix 2 Now Available in Black

Reloop just announced an all-black edition of its Reloop Beatmix 2 Serato DJ controller. The new Beatmix 2 Mk2 retains an identical set of features from the two-channel Beatmix 2 controller that was launched last year. It looks like a sleeker, more professional Beatmix 2, with black knobs, chassis, and what looks to be new pads.

Review & Video: Reloop RMX22i Mixer

No matter what type of DJ you are or what type of gear you own, having a two-channel mixer in your arsenal is a good idea. It’s like the multitool of DJing, and will help you with everything from DJing with friends, to good old fashioned DJing with – god forbid – real turntables. Reloop’s new RMX22i is just such a traditional mixer.