Reloop Beatmix 2 Now Available in Black

Reloop Beatmix 2 Mk2

Reloop just announced an all-black edition of its Reloop Beatmix 2 Serato DJ controller. The new Beatmix 2 Mk2 retains an identical set of features from the two-channel Beatmix 2 controller that was launched last year. It looks like a sleeker, more professional Beatmix 2, with black knobs, chassis, and what looks to be new pads.

Review & Video: Reloop RMX22i Mixer


No matter what type of DJ you are or what type of gear you own, having a two-channel mixer in your arsenal is a good idea. It’s like the multitool of DJing, and will help you with everything from DJing with friends, to good old fashioned DJing with – god forbid – real turntables. Reloop’s new RMX22i is just such a traditional mixer.

[Video] Musikmesse 2015: Reloop RMX22i & RMX33i Mixers

Reloop RMX Series Mixers

Reloop has some interesting new mixers on show at Musikmesse 2015 that pack basic 2 or 3 channel mixing and four FX plus a mic channel, plus the ability to plug in an iPad directly via a splitter cable for two-deck DJing from software such as Traktor DJ, Algoriddim’s djay 2 and so on. In this video we take a closer look at both mixers.

Musikmesse 2015: Reloop RMX-22i and RMX-33i Mixers

Reloop RMX-22i and RMX-33i

Hot off the heels of Reloop’s Beatpad 2 announcement here at Musikmesse 2015 comes two new mixers that make iPad audio connectivity a breeze. The Reloop RMX-22i and RMX-33i are two and three-channel mixers respectively that come with a split input for connecting an iPad, Android tablet, or other stereo device using the supplied DJ splitter cable.

Musikmesse 2015: Reloop Beatpad 2

Beatpad 2

So we’re off for Musikmesse 2015, with the first of the slew of announcements we’re expecting over the next week or two: A new controller from Reloop, the Beatpad 2, which builds on the original Beatpad controller with the addition of RGB performance pads for each of its decks.

Review & Video: Reloop Modular Stand


We’ve reviewed plenty of laptop stands over the years here at Digital DJ Tips, but never a stand like this one, which is best described as “honey, I shrunk the laptop stand”! It’s a dinky little model, designed primarily for Reloop’s own Neon controller, but is perfect for any small modular DJ accessory, or – as we found out – the iPad.

[NAMM 2015] Reloop’s Two New Turntables & Mixer

Reloop RP-60 Mixer

We got to get a look at Reloop’s new products at their stand here at NAMM 2015. While the company had no big announcements, it did have a couple of turntable variations and a new mixer to show, namely the RP8000 Straight, the RP7000 silver and the RMX60.