20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For DJs 2022

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Last updated 14 December, 2022


We’re not even going to pretend this year – you’re going to be buying these for yourself, right? Or at least, dropping a huge hint or two to those who are struggling to find gifts for you.

Here we’ve assembled a few of the items we think would please almost any DJ if they unwrapped them on Christmas morning… you could even try to look surprised, if you were really going to do a good job of it. Without further ado then, here’s our Christmas gift guide 2022…

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Prefer me to talk you through this? Watch the show, where we also add several more ideas “live” in the studio to this list.

20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For DJs 2022

DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

Jazz up your DJ controller or music hardware with new knobs and fader caps, in a multitude of colours and finishes. DJ TechTools has a handy “equipment search” feature so you can put together a set for your gear, plus tips on safely swapping fader caps.

Price: $2 each
From: DJ TechTools

Personalised DJ slipmats

Using Amazon’s simple customise feature, you can have these however you want them, making them a great little Christmas gift – you can add any design, image or logo you want

Price: £8 each
From: Amazon UK

Custom Vinyl Lyrics Poster

This would make a great centrepiece in any DJ studio. Have your favourite lyrics printed on the turntable of this “record deck” poster.

Price: £10
From: Etsy UK

“Eat Sleep DJ” 21oz water bottle

A metal water bottle with flip up spout, removable straw and high-gloss white finish, with the logo “Eat Sleep DJ” emblazoned across it. Perfect way to stay hydrated at the office, or at your gigs, while making a musical statement.

Price: £14
From: Amazon US

Beanie hat with built-in USB light

DJing outdoors in the cold and dark? Of course you are! Then you’ll need this beanie hat, that has a built-in light so you can see what you’re doing while keeping your ears warm. There are dozens of colours and designs, and it’s rechargeable too.

Price: $19
From: Amazon US

LED light-up novelty tie

While you definitely wouldn’t wear this one to the office, it could be just the thing for those Christmas corporate gigs, to help you really stand out this festive season. Lots of colour choices, too.

Price: $20
From: Amazon US

DJ TechTools Midi Fighter T-Shirt

A snazzy T-shirt with the DJ TechTools “Midi Fighter” logo on the front, and the DJTT logo on the inside back neck, available in black and white.

Price: £21
From: DJ TechTools

Custom Serato control vinyl

Why not give your DVS decks an overhaul, with some custom control vinyl? Serato has a whole range for its software, including these Thud Rumble combative “Weapons of Wax”. They have a tool to help you find a dealer near you, too

Price: £25
From: Serato dealers

Desktop headphone stand

Are your headphones just slung onto your mixer or controller when you’re not using them? Maybe what you need is a personalised headphone stand. This one is made in classy wood. Keep your headphones away from the cleaner, and proudly on display.

Price: £25
From: Amazon UK

Headphones motif work tie

DJ by night, corporate go-getter by day? Hint to the world about your DJing alter ego with this premium tie, complete with repeated headphones motif.

Price: $27
From: Etsy US

Customised DJ neon LED light

How about this for your practice studio, or the wall outside it? Have your name put on a sign with “DJ” and a pair of headphones, on your choice of colour LED.

Price: £30
From: Etsy UK

Cartridge King Pro Storage

Be honest – are your record deck cartridges and needles, USB drives, and other turntable accessories all gathering dust in the bottom of your “bits and pieces” drawer? Then maybe you need a specialised case to tidy it all up, once and for all. Reloop has your back.

Price: £39
From: Reloop dealers

QTX Light Bubble Machine with UV liquid

Give the dog something to chase as you dance around the living room this Christmas, with this portable auto bubble machine and UV fluid. (Yes, buy the fluid too – don’t try to make your own fluid with washing up liquid to save a few £££s!)

Price: £49 (machine) / £15 (fluid)
From: DJ Kit (click here for the machine, and here for the fluid)

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

Apple fan? Use AirPods or Beats wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment, in the health club, or in other situations where there’s a wired jack and no Bluetooth connectivity. You can also use it in your car to play music through an Aux socket from your phone. Works with two pairs of headphones at once, too.

Price: $55
From: Apple

Hercules DJControl Starlight Portable DJ Controller

Our favourite “micro” controller. It does an awful lot for $99, and even has a cool LED light underneath it. Perfect for throwing in a bag and DJing anywhere inspiration strikes, especially as it’ll sit perfectly below the keyboard of your laptop.

Price: $99
From: Sweetwater
More info: Hercules DJControl Starlight Controller Review

Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX headphones

Time to replace your DJ headphones? This model has proved successful in 2022 for Pioneer DJ. While based on the legendary Sennheiser HD-25s, the HDJ-CX have DJ smarts too, including a single cable attachment point, and dual 1/4″ and 1/8″ plug. Super lightweight, too.

Price: £120
From: Pioneer DJ
More info: Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Headphones Review

Disco Ball Helmet

Channel your inner Daft Punk with this disco ball helmet, a ridiculous way to stand out at your next gig!

Price: $122
From: Etsy US

Numark Party Mix II

A fun controller for the kids, because it has a built-in light show. For a DJ controller that has headphone cueing, speaker outputs and all you need for basic DJing across two decks, it’s reasonable value too.

Price: $129
From: Sweetwater
More info: Numark Party Mix II & Party Mix Live Review

QTX SW-2 Snow Machine

Ho, ho, ho! Make those Christmas gigs festive with a snow machine. This is the number one-selling unit at DJ Kit in the UK, and comes with five litres of “snow” (basically, foam) fluid which should see you through to the new year.

Price: £159
From: DJ Kit

Reloop Stand Hub

One of our favourite laptop stands ever, because it is both a laptop stand and a powered USB-C hub in one. Plug your computer’s power lead into the stand, then power your computer plus your other USB accessories all from the same unit, neatly. Comes with an assortment of cables, too.

Price: $199
From: Guitar Center
More info: Reloop Stand Hub Review


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