Pioneer’s New Flagship DJM2000nexus DJ Mixer Released

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 16 November, 2017


Pioneer DJM2000nexus
Pioneer’s DJM2000nexus is designed to sit alongside the company’s CDJ2000nexus media players to offer a powerful digital/analogue hybrid DJ system.

Pioneer has released the Pioneer DJM2000nexus, a new top-end club mixer designed to complement the Pioneer CDJ2000nexus media players, and which further blurs the boundaries between club hardware and modular software DJ control systems. The new networked mixer has beat slice, master sync across up to four players including laptops, live sampling (like Traktor’s Loop Recorder), and a Midi mode on its colour touchscreen which can directly control DJ software.

The DJM2000nexus achieves a lot of this because Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link enables LAN connection of up to four CDJs and two laptops at the same time. That means music stored in rekordbox (pioneer’s own DJ library software) on USB or SD cards can be easily shared across players. Effects can be quantised across ProLink, with the unit taking its BPM information from the Rekordbox software.

Other improvements include a peak limiter for club DJs who just can’t keep it out of the red, better faders and fader caps, improved sound quality with 32-bit A/D convertoers, switchable isolator (kills) on the EQs, and digital inputs for all channels for improved sound quality when connecting gear with digital outputs (such as the natural pairing, the CDJ-2000nexus).

Some functions of the DJM-2000nexus are planned to be available to DJM-2000 owners at the end of November 2012 via a firmware update. The DJM-2000nexus will be available imminently at a SRP of €2,299 / £1,989. Expect a white version early 2013! 😉

Find out more
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• Read the DJM2000nexus press release here.

What do you think of this continued blurring between software DJ features and DJ hardware in clubs? Do you think the inclusion of Loop Recorder, quantised effects, and master sync on club gear is a good thing? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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