Your Questions: Where Can A DJ Under 18 Get Booked?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 3 August, 2017


Under 18s parties do exist (this is from one in Dublin, Ireland), and would be a great place for an underage DJ to cut his or her teeth.

Digital DJ Tips reader BDX Music writes: “My son is a promising DJ but is under 18, so I’m struggling to come up with suggestions of how and where to get gigs. Obviously he can’t really perform at bars and clubs and that sort of is the main market. If anyone has suggestions please let me know…”

A reader says:

Depending where you are, he could get gigs at parties hosted by promoters who normally throw parties at bars and clubs, but that just aren’t necessarily at the bars and clubs. Small festivals and shows happen at certain venues and are put on by a lot of the same promoters. And depending on the scene, certain bars/bar owners do care about what’s legal, and would hire an under-aged DJ, if it meant the bar made money.

“If he’s just starting out, I’d recommend he build a name by taking small gigs at schools, private events, and even house parties, if just to get experience playing to a crowd and to build a buzz. At the end of the day, a lot of bar/club owners only care about their bottomline, regardless of the talent behind the decks. I’ve seen DJs at major clubs get tampons thrown at them for being so bad, yet if they brought in a healthy following, it doesn’t even matter.”

• This question first appeared on the Digital DJ Tips forum, and was answered by BEAT SWEATS. You can see the full thread here

Are you under 18, or can you remember being? Where do you DJ? Any advice for BDX music and his son? Please share in the comments.

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