Mixed In Key 8.5 Key Detection Software Announced

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Last updated 22 October, 2018


Mixed in Key 8.5 has just been announced, offering a redesigned interface, faster processing, and “tons of UI/UX improvements”, according to the makers. Read on for more about this app, and why you may want it to help in your DJing…

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Mixed in Key is the “Swiss Army knife” of DJ track metadata preparation apps, not only letting you manually edit track metadata (artist, title and so on), but also letting you analyse all your MP3 and WAV files and get them ready for harmonic DJ mixing. It is also a great tool for music production because you can analyse samples.

And because it also has a go at rating your tracks for energy level and even adding automatic cue points, it is a timesaver for busy DJs preparing sets frequently.

While most DJ software now includes key detection, Mixed In Key’s algorithm is among the most accurate (in fact, it uses multiple algorithms for better accuracy), and the app gives far more insight; for instance, it can show you key changes in a track, which no DJ software can do.

The new version costs US$58, it comes for Mac and Windows, and existing owners qualifying for a free upgrade have been emailed with a download link for the latest version.

Do you use Mixed in Key? Or do you rely on your DJ software’s built-in key detection? Or do you not use key detection at all? Let us know in the comments?

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