Mixvibes Announces Remixvideo 1.4 & Remixvideo Pro

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
ableton Club/Festival DJing Pro
Last updated 4 March, 2021


Mixvibes, creators of Cross DJ, recently launched Remixvideo 1.4 and Remixvideo Pro – they are apps for VJing that are meant for beginners and experienced video DJs respectively. Remixvideo 1.4 is the entry-level version and it lets you mix audio and video clips using a grid, which you can manipulate using the 18 onboard effects. You can also create your own visuals using the built-in visual generators, and it ships with 144 video and audio loops. Midi Learn and control mapping are available, along with Ableton Link for syncing clip start and stop.

Remixvideo Pro gives you all the features of Remixvideo 1.4 plus adds Syphon and Spout video output, and the ability to be used as a plugin inside a DAW like Ableton Live which lets you sync and trigger videos via Midi while you perform.

We reviewed Remixvideo when it first came out and thought it’s a solid platform for new VJs and DJs who want to do more detailed visuals work without having to learn a complex piece of software like the industry-standard Resolume. Remixvideo was also more affordable than Resolume, and the new Remixvideo 1.4 is even cheaper at US$69. Remixvideo Pro comes in at just under $150, and you’re basically paying double to get the DAW plugin and Syphon and Spout support.

• Remixvideo 1.4 is available now for US$69 and Remixvideo Pro for US$149. Get more details and a free demo at the Remixvideo site.

Do you spin with video, or have you tried VJing in the past? What do you think of these apps? Let us know in the comments.

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