Podcast #24: Rik Parkinson – My Career Helping Design Pioneer DJ Gear

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Phil Morse Rik Parkinson Tales From The Dancefloor
Last updated 2 August, 2019


Rik Parkinson, like so many, basically got into the music industry from being a fan and a DJ. Little could he have guessed at the start of his career as a junior at Pioneer DJ that he’d end up researching features DJs want and helping Pioneer DJ’s design team to bring them to market, through his current role in product development.

A textbook behind-the-scenes mover and shaker (and actually, that rarest of things nowadays – a “company man”: Rik’s been at Pioneer for his whole career so far), you may nevertheless have seen Rik on Digital DJ Tips talking about new gear from Pioneer DJ in our show report videos.

But in this episode of Tales From The Dancefloor, he shares his whole story, and reveals what it’s like helping to design the gear many of us rely on in our DJing lives.

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