Funktion One SB8 & F5 Is A Speaker System For Everyone

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
F5 funktion one SB8 Small Pa System
Last updated 14 February, 2020


Funktion One is a name synonymous with some of the best club soundsystems out there, and is often a PA system name flashed around by venue owners or festival organisers when they want to reassure their audience that they’ve spent on the best.

But now the brand has launched its smallest speaker system ever, the F5 ultra compact loudspeaker and SB8 compact bass unit, offering the possibility of owning a Funktion One to a much wider range of customers.

Indeed, such is the size that it can be used as a small party PA system, for bar gigs in home studios, in practice DJ set-ups, and even for desktop monitoring – or just as a home music system.

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Available in a range of colours, the F5 is 23.8 x 16.8 x 16.3cm and weighs just 2.7kg. It has a 5” driver, an integrated high pass filter for low frequency protection, an angled cabinet design for desktop use and a 3/8” microphone stand mount.

Meanwhile the SB8 is a compact bass unit with an 8” bass driver and requiring no EQ or controller, only crossover filters.

Note that this system will require amplification as it is not self powered; a self-powered version is coming soon, according to Funktion One.

• No price and availability as of now. More details from the Funktion One website.


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