The New Glorious VNL-500 USB Is A Turntable For DJ, Studio & Home Use

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Glorious Turntable vnl-500 usb
Last updated 14 February, 2022


Glorious, a sister company to Reloop, has announced the Glorious VNL-500 USB turntable – a “versatile turntable for home and DJ / studio use, with both an integrated phono preamplifier and a USB audio output making it easy to digitise your vinyl collection”, according to the company.

This direct drive turntable features basic controls for DJing including a tempo slider, but also is designed to be easy to plug into both line inputs on all kinds of audio gear, and anything that can take a USB in.

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Plug it directly into your computer and you can rip vinyl, using software such as the open-source and free Audacity program.

That means it is perfect for ripping vinyl, and would suit both home users digitising their music collections, and studio producers trawling vinyl for samples. If you did want a phono level output, that’s switchable too.

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For casual DJing, studio and home

While at this price you’re not going to get club standard (we assume it’s got a plastic body, for instance, not the metal you’d expect in a pro turntable), it is nonethless direct drive, with a die cast platter and Ortofon OM Black pickup pre-installed on a matching headshell. Therefore it’s likely to sound great, and will work right out of the box with minimal fiddling. It also comes with a lid, which is not always a given nowadays.

Price is €329 / $379 / £299, and the turntable is available now. More info on the Glorious website.

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