Numark Mixstream Pro Effects Improved With Engine DJ 2.2

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
DJ software updates Engine DJ 2.2 Numark Mixstream Pro
Last updated 26 April, 2022


Engine DJ software has just been updated to v2.2.0, bringing improved effects and Virtual DJ support to the Numark Mixstream Pro, active loops to all platforms, and more fixes and improvements.

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Engine DJ is Windows/Mac desktop music preparation software and also the embedded OS in standalone DJ gear from Denon DJ and Numark, and this newest release brings some pretty big, requested improvements. The full list is:

  • Beat division & wet/dry slider for Mixstream Pro’s four internal FX – This is a much needed addition to the over-simplified effects implementation of the Mixstream Pro, making them far more usable and fixing something we’ve even heard of users returning the unit because of
  • Active loops – You can set up to eight of them when prepping your music. Saved Loops can now be automatically activated when the play head enters the loop region. Setting an Active Loop on Engine DJ hardware is also possible for devices with Parameter buttons
  • Virtual DJ support – One often requested feature by Mixstream Pro users is the ability to use the unit as a DJ controller for laptop software. This is now possible with Virtual DJ, which makes full use of the unit’s screen, too
  • Disable crossfader – Again a Mixstream Pro feature, you just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the crossfader on/off icon
  • Metronome – A feature on the desktop software to help with beatgridding

Here’s a quick video demo of the new effects controls on the Mixstream Pro:

  • Engine DJ 2.2 is a free update for all users of Engine-powered DJ equipment, namely Denon and Numark’s standalone systems. More info here.
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