Pioneer DJ To Raise Rekordbox Prices – Here’s How To Avoid The Hike

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Last updated 18 January, 2023


Pioneer DJ is raising Rekordbox subscription prices on 23 January – but only for new subscribers. The top-end Professional plan will be £360 a year or £36 a month, the Creative Plan £180 a year or £18 a month, and the Core plan £120/year or £12 a month, with equivalent rises in other currencies too.

However, these new prices only apply to new subscribers, so if you’re already a subscriber, your current price is locked in at the old level.

Anyone signing up after 23 January will pay the new, higher prices – and if as an existing customer you let your subscription lapse and then renew it, you’ll then pay the new price.

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Pioneer DJ announced the changes by email, saying: “We’ll continue to release new features and improved version upgrades to provide additional value in Rekordbox.”

What to do now

If you’re already a subscriber, stay subscribed – you won’t pay any more. If you’ve been planning on subscribing, do it before 23 January. (UPDATE – it seems that Pioneer DJ has temporarily locked subscriptions so new people cannot subsacribe at the old price – see screenshot in the comments.)

Note that if you own or are planning on buying a Pioneer DJ Rekordbox controller, it already unlocks the Core plan – but if you want the extra features from the Creative or Pro plans, now may be the right time to sign up and lock in the lower prices.

It also works out cheaper to pay annually in advance, as you effectively get 12 months for the price of 10.

More info from Pioneer DJ Support.

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