Serato Stems Debuts In Serato Studio 2.0

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Last updated 18 January, 2023


Serato’s well-received stems technology has now made the leap from DJing to production, with the inclusion of Serato Stems in the latest release of Serato Studio, the company’s DAW created especially for beatmakers and DJ/producers.

Serato Studio already offered a fast and intuitive way of getting ideas down, but it now should prove to be an even quicker way of creating re-edits, mashups and productions, due to the huge scope for sourcing samples unlocked by the inclusion of stems tech into the workflow.

What’s so special about stems?

Stems enables producers to instantaneously isolate and manipulate four different audio stems, while largely keeping the original audio quality. Stems splits audio into distinct tracks for vocals, bass, drums, and melodies, enabling producers to instantly create acapellas and instrumental tracks and providing easy integration of additional samples or original sounds.

Whether in DJing or production, it’s a significant leap forward. Maybe our tutor here at Digital DJ Tips, DJ Jazzy Jeff, said it best:

“There have been certain groundbreaking things that have changed the art of DJing: The invention of Serato; not having to carry records; the invention of Phase; not having to worry about vibration in a live setting. I think Serato Stems will be bigger than all of them from a creative standpoint. This is about to be the most fun I’ve ever had DJing. I’m telling you, my brain is on fire!”

Learn more

You can check out Serato Stems in Serato Studio 2.0, which has just been released.

Head to the Serato Studio Stems page on the Serato website for all the info.

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