5 Tips For Building A Winning DJ Routine, From DMC Champs DJ Angelo & JFB

Last updated 28 August, 2023

I interviewed the official 2021 DMC World DJ Team Champions, namely JFB and DJ ANGELO, about how their winning routine came together. You can watch the live interview and questions from the community in the video above.

DJ Angelo & JFB’s 5 tips for building a winning DJ routine

Here are the five tips that they expand upon in the video:

  1. Strike a balance – This is about technicality vs musicality, appealing to DJs and non-DJs, making sure the routine is both skill and style, and so on
  2. Out-think the opposition – Whereas skill is important, it’s not as important as having those good creative “wow” ideas that no one else saw coming
  3. Ensure cohesion – This is all about digging deep and selecting specific music and samples that make sense being used together
  4. Go the extra mile – This concerns not wrapping up the project until you’ve optimised and maximised every aspect of the routine that you possibly can
  5. Strive for authenticity – This one is about making something that you are proud of and that is true to your style. It’s about not thinking too much about current trends or the judges

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Not seen the routine?

Here’s the YouTube video of the winning routine – treat yourself and watch it now if you’ve not seen it!

Get the course

Did you know that DJ ANGELO has made a course on creative DJing with us here at Digital DJ Tips? While it won’t teach you to perform the routine above (unless you and your friend happen to be veteran world-class battle DJs, of course), it will show you how to mix creatively exciting open-format DJ sets that wow your audiences.

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